• Decapitation? We think not!


    Above, a beheading from Froissart’s Chronicles – early 15th Century – the execution of Guillaume Sans and his secretary in Bordeaux.
    Yesterday’s blog-post by North the Younger (http://peterjnorth.blogspot.com/2019/10/brexit-eyes-to-near-future.html) gives us an excellent and informed commentary on the possibilities of “What comes next…”
    Meanwhile, North the Elder sums up most excellently the goings on (and the logic behind them) of the antics the fools got up to yesterday in the Palace of Westminster (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87402). Had the fools only read the learned doctor’s blog-post that day (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87401) they would have been able to suss out beforehand that they were going to take part in pure theatre!

    Of course, even the dimmest MP will be now able to grasp that the Buffoon’s persistent enthusiasm for a general election is based on the numerous poll predictions that the Tories have a good chance of being returned with a majority. Indeed, North the Younger reflects the conventional wisdom that the Buffoon looks set to be returned to #10 with a working majority.

    However this whole farce is taking place in the “Mare Ignorantia” (Sea of Ignorance).

    Let us look at some of the main players in the forthcoming events.

    We have Famous Farage and his supporters club, aka the Brexit Party. Famous has already been on TV spouting his nonsense that the Withdrawal Agreement is not Brexit and his so called, “Clean Break” is required to effect a proper Brexit. Of course, complete severance of all ties with the European Union would put the UK in a position similar to North Korea in next to no time!

    However, Famous presents a real an present danger, not so much for the Buffoon and the Tories but to Comrade Corbyn and Labour. You see, as many Labour MPs know, many traditional Labour voters in the Labour heartlands (such as Scunthorpe) voters who are dissatisfied with Comrade Corbyn’s fence sitting and rather like the Buffoon will never ever vote for the Buffoon’s party as voting Tory would be unthinkable for them – even when they agree with what the Tories might be saying! However, Famous and his supporters club have the essential qualification to permit these people to vote for them – they are not Tories! These people will warm to Famous’s “Clean Break” nonsense and many will vote for him. This however will not result in much success for Famous as the result will be that the majorities in such strongholds as Barnsley will merely be cut – not overturned.

    The real challenge for the two major parties will be from the re-energised Lib-Dems led by Sidekick Swinson.

    Notwithstanding these factors, North the Younger’s prediction will probably come about.


    Comrade Corbyn and Sidekick Swinston come to an agreement and form a “non-aggression pact”.
    This would mean that Labour will not contest seats that the Lib-Dems have a chance of winning and the Lib-Dems will not contest seats that Labour have a chance of winning. This of course opens up the possibility of a second “Lib-Lab pact”

    However, it is I think it is very unlikely that Comrade Corbyn will be prepared to go for this.

    So the Buffoon looks likely to return to #10 with a working majority.

    The Buffoon’s problem is this: His planned Brexit – a “comprehensive free trade treaty” – the so-called “Canada plus, plus plus” will place this country outside the EEA (single market aka internal market) and of course outside “a” (not “the”) customs union with the EU. This will mean that the UK’s economic performance will decline. It will mean the loss of jobs brought about by many companies relocating from the UK to the EU!

    You see, as the BG (and North the Elder and North the Younger) have repeatedly being pointing out – from DURING the referendum campaign back in 2016 and since – Flexcit (http://www.eureferendum.com/documents/flexcit.pdf) – is the ONLY practical and doable Brexit strategy that is capable of #1: effecting Brexit and #2 maintaining a comparable level of economic performance.

    The effect of Madame Mayhem’s and the Buffoon’s strategy will be to ensure the defeat of the Tories at the election after the one that is likely to take place in December! This because the Buffoon has/will promise level of economic performance OUTSIDE the EEA that it is only possible to achieve INSIDE the EEA and as a result the voters will reject the Tories in December 2024.

    Comrade Corbyn will be 75 and likely be looking forward to a well earned retirement.

    The new government will likely conclude an agreement to join the EEA and probably a customs union with the EU.

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