• It’s not patriotism: It’s politics!


    Above, the fictional nuclear research submarine (SSRN), “USOS Seaview”.

    One of the aspects of the acting profession is character recognition. This is where members of the audience (whether in theatres or sitting in front of their TVs) recognise an actor by a particular character they played and not the one that they may be playing at the time of viewing.

    For me, the late David Hedison (20th May, 1927 – 18th July, 2019) was Captain Lee Crane of the nuclear research submarine, “USOS Seaview” (“USOS” stood for United States Oceanographic Survey) of the television series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” broadcast in the mid to late 1960s. A scene which Mr Hedison played which is the source of the phrase from which today’s post’s title is paraphrased is to be found in the Bond movie, “Licence to Kill” (1989) with Mr Hedison playing the role of CIA agent Felix Leiter.

    The particular scene is a particularly gruesome one where Agent Leiter has been captured by some brutal thugs in the employ of the drug lord Franz Sanchez (played by Robert Davi). Agent Leiter finds himself suspended in chains over a large seawater tank in which is swimming a very large (and hungry) shark. As Mr Sanchez orders his thugs to lower the unfortunate Mr Leiter into the water to provide sustenance for the big fish, Mr Sanchez says to his victim words which would not prove to be of much comfort; “This is nothing personal. It’s business.” The unfortunate Mr Leiter ends up not being killed but does loose one leg to above the knee!
    In his blog post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87404), Doctor North describes (with a heavy note or sarcasm) far better than have the hacks in the mainstream media the latest goings on in the farce that is Brexit.

    It is clear that the current situation with a government that is in office but not in power and a parliament that has exhausted the legitimacy of it’s mandate should not continue – but is likely to do so!

    The reason is to be found in the graphic below:The phrase, “Turkeys do not vote for Christmas” seems particularly apposite given the suggestion of a December election!

    It is now widely touted that a certain Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron who currently glories in the role of President of France – and of course, Co-Prince of Andorra – has suggested granting an extension of two weeks. Doubtless the widely read Monsieur Macron has another Johnson – one Doctor Samuel Johnson in mind – and hopes that the prospect of being hanged (politically) in a fortnight will concentrate the minds of the UK’s politicians wonderfully!

    Our advice to Monsieur Macron: Ne retiens pas ton souffle! [Do not hold your breath!]

    Should Monsieur Macron succeed in his intention to force the EU 27 into granting this fortnight’s stay of execution, the result of course will be panic in the House of Fools in Westminster!

    Particularity affected will be Jo “Sidekick” Swinson who will be overcome with a “fit of the vapours”. Distraught also will be the Abbess of Hackney and Mother Superior of the Black Sisters of Stoke Newington! Probably one of the worst affected will be Lamentable Lammy of Tottenham who will be quite beside himself with indignation and rage! Not with Monsieur Macron of course but with the Buffoon!

    As for the Buffoon, he will be nervous as he knows that he will face the inevitable wrath of excoriation that will come from the very sharp tongue of The Right Honourable
    Anna Mary Soubry, PC, the Member for Broxtowe. The Buffoon will at least be able to comfort himself with the fact that whilst “Angry Anna” – or “Sourpuss” as some Brexiteers have christened her – is in near proximity on the opposition benches, his other femme bête noire, Strict Mistress Sturgeon, is far away in Edinburgh!

    Should these events take place however, the Buffoon may be spared a place on the (metaphorical) scaffold as his place may be taken by the Unfortunate Comrade Corbyn who, like Sydney Carton in Dickens’s Tale of Two Cities – who takes Charles Darnay’s place on the scaffold – will save the Buffoon from Madame La Guillotine!

    One wonders if he will utter the words, “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known….” as he enters a well earned retirement from political service.

    Satire apart, if these events take place we are possibly looking at a No Confidence Motion passing in the Commons, the government’s resignation, the appointment of an “emergency temporary government” and a revocation of Article 50 or the most abject humiliation of the formerly sovereign United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with Deputy Prime Minister and Brexit Secretary Sidekick Swinson ??? begging the EU to extend A50 for longer so as to allow the Withdrawal Bill to pass subject to a binding confirmatory vote – which the government would be recommending.

    What this would mean is that the “emergency temporary government” would be granted – the A50 extension conditional on passing the Withdrawal Agreement – WITH a confirmatory vote – and thus MPs voting against such would be guaranteeing the country a No Deal Brexit – or a “Clean Break Brexit” as the Famous Farage would describe it!

    How the mighty will have fallen!

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