• Brexit: Not in control of events: Events are in control.


    Above, an amusing cartoon by Banx.
    An alternative title for today’s could have been, “Abdication of good government.” This because as Doctor North in his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87405), so accurately describes the present situation vis-à-vis Brexit, the actions of the fools presently occupying the parliamentary benches have made the future of the subject to the whimsy of the President of France!

    Talk about “taking back control”!

    IF – and we must assume that it is a very big IF – the EU in it’s dubious wisdom decided to spring a decision on the fools assembled in the Palace of Westminster at the very last minute, they cannot be assured of the consequences they expect!

    If the EU’s politicians do decide to adopt this tactic it will demonstrate something that is the case in these modern times – namely, the very small number of politicians (across most of the major modern “western” democracies” who have NO military experience.

    This because one of the things that military academies (across the developed world) teach cadets is the difference between tactics and strategy. Sadly, civilians tend to get the two mixed up!

    One of the basic things taught at such establishment is the consequences (positive and negative) of “boxing an enemy (opponent) into a corner”. Examples of this “going wrong” are of course legion in the animal kingdom and appear from time to time on YouTube where a dog ends up cornering a cat and as a result suffers the consequences! Result? The owner/s of said animals end up with one or two vet’s bills!

    One of the things that “foreigners” tend to underestimate (to their cost) is the sheer speed at which the British political establishment can operate. As an example, immediately following the declaration of war in September 1939, the British government passed several pieces of emergency legislation in a matter of hours. One German, Albert Speer took note of this and was (rightly) extremely concerned. He knew that this ability (on the part of his enemy) had grave consequences (for Germany). Thankfully (for humanity) Hitler ignored this, which along with other major mistakes made by him caused Germany to loose the war.

    Presented with a such (at present hypothetical) fait accompli, the result could be as follows:

    #1: Montion of No Confidence passed in the Commons.
    #2: Resignation of the Buffoon and PM and the rest of the government.
    #3: Appointment of another PM (possibly Comrade Corbyn) and the appointment of a new cabinet.
    #4: Introduction of a Bill to Revoke Article 50 notification together with repeal of all relevant Brexit legislation passed since 2016.
    #5: Royal assent to the above Bill.
    #6: Revocation of Article 50 served following the issue of a Statutory Instrument to that effect.

    These half dozen actions could take place in under two days!

    Were such events to take place they would have taken place BEFORE Tuesday 5th November 2019!

    One can but imagine the nature of the bonfire commemorations across the UK on that day!

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