• Getting on with it….. NOT!


    So, President Tusk has advised us of an extension to the end of January 2020!
    Hmm…….Above, Yvonne de Carlo and inset, Celia Johnson.
    For the relevance of the above, read on. It will be revealed. Eventually!

    1,222 days have passed from Midsummer’s Day 2016 when the Vote for Independence took place and 1,317 days will have past by the latest Brexit extension date of Friday 31st January 2020.

    Something “Leavers” and “Remainers” can agree on is that the patience of the British People is becoming exhausted!

    The “Brexit” issue is extremely complex, but at the heart of it, the predicament can be summed up very briefly, thus:

    The “Brexit” envisaged by the subscribers of the Brexit Party and the members of UKIP envisages a “Clean Break Brexit” and a rapid negotiation of a satisfactory Free Trade Deal/Treaty that will cause the UK to #1 leave the EEA (aka “Internal Market” aka “Single Market”) with the EU which will not be economically deleterious to the UK.

    This is politically popular as it is giving the British People what they voted for on Thursday 23rd June 2016!

    However, a “As Near As Damn It Cost Free Brexit” envisaged by nobody (not even the BG, North the Elder and North the Younger) whilst causing no adverse economic consequences would be politically extremely unpopular as it could not possibly be described as giving the British People what they voted for on Thursday 23rd June 2016 and would be condemned as BRINO (Brexit In Name Only)!

    OK then, what would a “As Near As Damn It Cost Free Brexit” look like and how could it be achieved?

    Well, a “As Near As Damn It Cost Free Brexit” would in effect be the UK leaving the EU, re-joining EFTA and remaining in the EEA (aka “Internal Market” aka “Single Market”) whilst implementing what Comrade Corbyn envisages which is negotiating A Customs Union along the lines of the one that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan President of the Republic of Turkey wishes to renegotiate with the EU.
    GOTO: Turkey_Customs_Union
    Turkey’s Customs Union covers goods only. Turkey’s problem is that it unable to benefit from the FTA’s the EU has and will have with other nations and blocs. Turkey is in the process of renegotiating it’s treaty so it can benefit therefrom.

    Were the UK’s Customs Union to cover Agriculture, Distilleries, Fishing, Horticulture Manufactured Goods and Services (including Finance) and Viticulture but exclude Fishing, the UK would be able to take control of it’s fishing grounds (very popular) would be able to protect itself from the USA demanding that their “chlorinated chicken” (very popular) and GM Foods (very popular) are sold in British supermarkets and to privatise the NHS (very popular) – but would be unable to ban the export of live animals (very unpopular).

    The above combined with continued membership of the EEA (via rejoining EFTA) maintaining regulatory alignment with the EU would allow trade to carry on pretty much as normal.

    Those who ascribe to themselves the soubriquet, “Brexiteer” would condemn such an arrangement as a “betrayal”, a “sell out” and as not leaving.

    They may ask: “What is the point of BRINO?”

    There are two answers:

    #1: It is the most economically beneficial Brexit.

    #2: It is the most likely way to prevent the UK from rejoining the EU after Brexit. This is the very great danger associated with the course advocated by The Famous Farage (For it is He!) and his associates. This is because his proposal will lead to economic disaster and since the UK is a democracy, this would result inevitably in a Lib-Dem or Lib-Dem led coalition renegotiating the UK’s rapid re-entry into the EU. This would require the UK to rejoin the ERM prior to a treaty commitment to join the Eurozone.

    This would be a monumental DISASTER!


    Because Sterling’s assimilation into the Eurozone and the financial markets pressure to have London the Eurozone’s and the EU’s financial capital (with the Eruropean Central Bank relocating there) would result in the world’s financial markets begin to replace the US$ as the world’s reserve currency with the Euro. This would be a huge benefit to the EU but a disaster for the USA. The USA’s sovereign debt would rapidly become unsustainable. The geopolitical consequences could not be more serious! This MUST be prevented.

    We now come to the explanation of the image of the two ladies!
    GOTO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Captain%27s_Paradise
    British Gazette Comment:
    “The Captain’s Paradise” was made in 1953. It will NOT be remade in 2023 – seventy years later! This because the world (and attitudes) has changed!
    If one was to purchase the DVD of the movie (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Captains-Paradise-DVD) and to send it to Haridan Hatemen she would be outraged! She would regard it as being demeaning to women and irretrievably sexist!

    The “paradise” of having two wives – one THE “bedroom companion” and the other THE “housekeeper” is well, not a practical proposition! Enough said!

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