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    Some things in life are predictable. For instance, were I to get in my car and drive the 20 minute 7 mile drive to Whitesands Bay (https://www.classic.co.uk/webcams/cornwall/sennen.html) and to do what a friend of mine not infrequently does and go for a swim, I would find that the water is A: very cold and B: salty. These things are well known!

    Similarly, one expects the chairman of the Tory Party (whoever he or she may be) at the time of ANY election in the UK to declare that to vote for any other party than the Conservative Party will have the effect of putting the Labour Party in government. This is well known. It is a given. It is THE received wisdom borne out by repeated experience!

    Of course, the Labour Party does similarly – as evidenced by the two images above, one of which is an adaptation of a Labour Party’s poster.

    This of course is due to TWO factors:

    #1: The First Past the Post voting system which our US friends correctly refer to as “The Two Party System” because it only works properly when there are two parties contesting an election.

    #2: The FACT that the are many constituencies in the UK which are known as “safe seats” – where the result is a foregone conclusion – except under the most extreme of circumstances. The prime example (for Labour) is Liverpool Walton which has been held by Labour continuously since 1964. For the Tories, an interesting example is Runnymede and Weybridge which has had the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Hapless Hammond as it’s MP. It will be interesting to see if Hapless contests the seat and the local Tories put up a candidate against him. They may not bother and leave that to a supporter of The Famous Farage (For it is He!).

    What this means is that this: FPTP does not presently reflect the wishes of the voters and the seats in the House of Fools is GROSSLY distorted when comparisons are made to the percentage share of the popular votes received by the parties overall. This broken “not fit for purpose” system works well enough when each of the major parties adopts a broad consensus and in effect are two versions of a centre party, one being centre left the other centre right. However, when an issue comes along OR a leader is elected from the far left or the far right, the system then breaks down.

    Both these things (Brexit and Comrade Corbyn) of course have happened and the result is what we see.

    It is into this political maelstrom that “Famous” has decided to jump into – with both his size 13 right feet!

    Listening to Famous’s posturings about putting up candidates in every or most of the seats in Great Britain, one is forced to speculate as to the actual effect these patriotic persons will have.

    One of the crucial factors in modern general elections is the presence and practice of journalists such as Mrs Laura Kelly (née Kuenssberg) below.What is most extraordinary – given that Mrs Kelly’s employer happens to be the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat.

    You see, one would have assumed that Mrs Kelly who read History at Edinburgh University then undertook a post grad’ journalism course at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., would be enough of a journalist to undertake a little ferreting around places like Companies House where a little diligent research would have brought to greater public light the existence of the private limited company incorporated with shares in England and Wales, number 11694875, THE BREXIT PARTY LIMITED (https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11694875)
    Here she would have found that company number 11694875 has THREE officers (directors) these being, Mr Mehrtash A’zami, Mehrtash
    who is the company’s Company secretary, Mr Richard Tice – who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the property investment firm, Quidnet Capital Partners LLP (https://www.quidnetcapital.com/) and of course, “Famous” himself! Their correspondence address
    is quite sensibly listed as the company’s registered office at 83 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HW – taking proper advantage of the ability to avoid listing their residential addresses on a public register.

    One would have thought that Mrs Kelly would find particularly interesting this little gem contained in company number 11694875’s Articles of Association:

    6 Members

    6.1 The members shall be such persons as the board shall admit to membership in accordance with the Articles and no person shall be admitted as a member of the Company unless he is approved by the Board.

    6.2 A member may at any time withdraw from the Company by giving at least seven days’ clear notice to the association. Membership shall not be transferable and shall cease on death.

    Well, Mrs Kelly?

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