• Descent into the maelstrom of madness!


    Answer: The cat is climbing the steps – as evidenced by it’s looking straight ahead, it’s gait and position of it’s tail – if it was descending it would be looking down at the steps and moving cautiously and it’s tail would not be raised like a flagpole.

    Appearances can and often are deceptive. Many people looking at the image above may automatically assume the cat is walking down the steps. To correct this initial assumption requires them to observe and make the aforementioned deductions.

    Over the course of the recent past, this organ has described the members of the House of Commons as fools. A generalisation and an exaggeration. However, We The People are being subjected to a great deal of patronising humbug – by ALL political parties.

    Take for instance their prattling about “deficit financing” that’s what pretentious Mrs Bucket types living in Epsom call borrowing money. The dodgy duo that is Javid & McDonnell are nearly as bad as each other. McDonnell is worse as he would borrow more. But then McDonnell is not the worst offender. That dubious honour Molly Scott Cato MEP of the Greens who clearly has escaped the surly bonds of Planet Earth and has entered the vast open expanse of interstellar space!

    These barmy borrowers prattle on about very low and negative interest rates being the reason why it is such a good idea to borrow billions of £ and to spend same.

    The best way to illustrate how idiotic these three characters are is as follows:

    You have a neighbour. They announce that they are going to take advantage of some exceptionally low interest rates and re-mortgage their house. They go onto say that the monthly repayments are going to be easily affordable. You ask a few questions:

    Is the interest rate fixed or variable?

    They answer variable as they want the monthly repayments as low as possible.

    You suggest that interest rates could go up over the term of the mortgage.

    They answer, “Nah! The rates have been low for ages. They’ll stay that way!”

    You ask: “what type of mortgage is it? Capital repayment or interest only?”

    They answer, “I took out an interest only loan as the monthly repayments are cheaper.”

    You ask: “How will you repay the capital?”

    They answer: “We’ll take out another mortgage.”

    You ask: “Do you think you’ll have sufficient collateral?”

    They answer: “Of course! House prices will have gone through the roof! I can’t loose!”

    Would YOU be happy to have this IDIOT as Chancellor of the Exchequer?

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