• Nothing ado about much……


    Today’s “Google doodle” sums it up!

    In what correctly is described as the most important UK general election in decades the actors in the campaign are prattling on describing their own fantasy manifestos and fantasy agendas and programmes of action if elected to power.

    Naturally, all but the aficionados and political journalists have switched off and are ignoring the hubbub.
    There are however a few dedicated souls such as the excellent Doctor North (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87446) who valiantly persist in placing before the internet enabled general public commentary based on research and a proper consideration of the FACTS.

    The rest of us are less dedicated and have decided that since we are only a week away now, let’s just get on with something else. Like thinking what a useful invention the Wellington boot is!

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