• Vanity; thy name is Farage!


    Above, Yvette Cooper the Member for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford.

    As Labour party members ponder the train crash yesterday, they will be painfully aware that the disaster unfolded on Friday 13th which as everybody knows is said to be unlucky for some!

    However, Mrs Ed Balls can take some considerable comfort that she had a particular assistant, namely the Famous Farage (For it is He). As can be seen by the result, La Cooper’s majority over her Tory rival – a mere 1,276 – would have been more than wiped out had Famous’s acolyte a certain Deneice Florence-Jukes not stood.
    GOTO: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/politics/constituencies/E14000836
    That is not to say that all of La Florence-Jukes’s 8,032 voters would have voted Tory – a good number would not have – but there would have been a high probability 16% of them would in which case La Cooper would have had to follow her husband in seeking paid employment elsewhere.

    The Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford result was just one of a number of such instances. Were it not for Famous’s vanity, the Tory majority – and Labour’s rout – would have been even greater. As it is the only thing that exceeds the Buffoon’s capacity for vacuous publicity stunts is Famous’s enormous ego!

    Of course the Buffoon now has the almost impossible task of persuading those who yesterday voted Tory – many for the first time in their adult lives – that “the wonderful trade deal” (to use a Trumpian turn of phrase) he will negotiate with the EU will be a silk purse and not the sow’s ear it more than likely will be!

    Good luck with that!

    Of course, there are lots of Tories waxing lyrical about the victory and deluding themselves into believing that this result brings about a new paradigm in British politics.

    Well it does NOT!

    Unless the Buffoon can deliver a Brexit that A: Does not adversely affect the economy and B: Cannot be described as BRINO by Famous – He and his fellow Tories in failing to perform this feat – will be out on their (pigs?) ears come December 2024!

    By which time Moi will be in receipt of Moi’s state pension and will have the additional funds in Moi’s bank account to pay the additional tax demanded by Comrade Corbyn’s successor!

    So, all’s well that ends well!

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