• Being wrong.


    Above, the late Tony Benn.

    One of Tony Benn’s famous lines was, “It’s not about personalities; it’s about policies.”

    He was of course wrong! The FACT is that it is about BOTH!

    This is proved beyond per adventure, EVERY DAY when one salesman succeeds in selling a product and another salesman fails even when the product is the same, the price is the same and the customer’s need is the same.

    Why? Because the salesman before selling the product has first to sell HIMSELF (in the sense that the buyer must first basically like the guy. NB: The same applies to females.

    One man in the Tory’s team understood this: Dominic Cummings who appears to have found the role of the Buffoon’s Éminence grise.

    Son Éminence, Monseigneur Cummings understands that the general public “don’t do detail” – but that they do do catchphrases however! Which is why major companies spend millions with advertising agencies to come up with these and more millions on intellectual property lawyers to protect same!

    The FACT is that notwithstanding the excellent and learned Doctor Richard North’s analysis contained in his post general election blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87455), the 2019 vote was won with a single three word phrase: “GET BREXIT DONE!”

    An essential element in this victory however was for the Buffoon to be front and centre in the campaign. It was HE who the media (mainstream and internet) focused upon, only occasionally focusing on other members of the Tory party. In addition, the same media focused upon one personality insofar as the Labour Party was concerned: Comrade Corbyn.

    Thus it was that it became a gladiatorial contest between two opponents. This was not only the wish of the politicians involved – it was also the wish of the media. The question is this: Why?

    The answer in a word is ratings. Ratings is the calculation of the number of people viewing or watching a broadcast. This is of vital importance to the broadcasters. For the commercial channels it is essential as they only exist due to their advertising revenue. If they have few viewers the advertising revenue dries up. For the BBC, they need high viewing figures in order to justify the existence of the TVT (television tax, aka the television licence).

    Of course, life is often a double edged sword! The election result will prove to be just that for the Buffoon!

    You see, the Buffoon’s central problem was created in the summer of 2016 during the EU Referendum. Basically, the leaders of the leave campaigns, the Buffoon and the Famous Farage (For it is He!) put out a pile of bullshit suggesting to the voters that Brexit was a walk in the park; that the UK could leave the EU, cease it’s payments and continue to trade on the fabled “WTO terms” and that there would be NO adverse consequences!
    This was bullshit, is bullshit and always will be bullshit!
    As this organ has stated time and time and tine again, there is only ONE practical dobale Brexit strategy which is detailed below: http://www.eureferendum.com/documents/flexcit.pdf
    Therefore the Buffoon has gone and dug for himself (and his fellow Tory MPs) a deep hole. IF he seeks a doable practical Brexit he will negotiate a deal which will mean that after leaving the EU, the UK will rejoin EFTA, join the EEA as an EFTA state and (due to the failure to tackle the issue properly before now) negotiate a Customs Union with the EU. This of course will be labelled as BRINO by Famous and all those working class voters new to voting Tory will feel betrayed.

    IF however the Buffoon negotiates a so-called “Canada deal” with the EU those self same working class voters will see a steady disinvestment as firms relocate from the UK to EU member states resulting in factory closures and mass redundancies.

    This of course will be seized upon by the Labour Party and those working class voters will feel very angry indeed – with themselves and even more so with the Buffoon!

    So you see, the Buffoon has put himself into a classic No Win situation.
    At a time like this, I look to my own self interest.
    For me the Good Thing about the December 2019 election is that the Tories should be in power until December 2024. Now, it is a FACT that autumn 2021 comes BEFORE winter 2024.

    What this means is this: I will be in receipt of my state pension in December 2024 so if a hard left majority Labour government takes power, the subsequent increase in my tax can be paid for from the state pension!

    As for the renationalisation and concomitant expropriation of assets the shareholding most vulnerable to this might well have been sold. This because at some point before December 2024 it is possible that the Phoenix Group will have another rights issue linked to a take-over at which point the funds required can be realised through the sale of my SSE shares. The one other company which will be adversely affected by a far left government will be Lloyds Bank. This because of Labour’s expropriation of around 10% of most publicly listed companies on the London Stock Exchange in their “workers share” scheme.

    However, the two companies in which I have most of my wealth (Phoenix and Shell) will avoid this expropriation by domiciling offshore. The other shareholding – the Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust – is an investment trust and is unlikely to be directly affected although it will be indirectly due to it’s holdings of FTSE equities.
    NB #1: Leaving the EEA will allow a far left government to expropriate private property.
    NB #2: It is possible that any “absolutely beautiful, excellent, fantastic, gorgeous, incredible, magnificent, stupendous, terrific, wonderful, world beating trade deal” negotiated between the Buffoon and The Donald (assuming he survives impeachment and is re-elected for a second term) might include provisions forbidding a government to expropriate private property in the way members of Momentum wish. This is likely to be described as “investor protection.” Thus any future Labour government would find themselves appearing before the US Courts!

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