• Brexit: Performing miracles.


    Above, The Wedding Feast at Cana (1563), by the Italian artist Paolo Veronese (1528–1588).

    According to news reports, the Buffoon intends to legislate to ensure there is no extension to Brexit at the end of 2020.


    A logical conclusion to this is that the Buffoon intends to have the post Brexit relationship [with the EU] all done and dusted by then.

    At the same time, the Buffoon intends to make good on his commitments to the “newbie” Tory voters from Labour’s former heartlands.


    Put it this way; the Buffoon is setting himself a task arguably MORE difficult than the task the Good Lord set Himself at the wedding feast at Cana!

    Turning what is now referred to as “grey water” into the finest of wines (be it red, white or rosé) is we would humbly suggest is somewhat the lesser of the two challenges!

    Now that is not to say the Buffoon cannot do a “trade deal” within the self imposed deadline he has set himself. Indeed, it is perfectly possible! The only difference is that the Buffoon not only intends to do that, he also intends to keep his campaign pledges to those who recently voted Tory!

    Doing both at the same time is the impossible bit!

    FYI Dear Reader: A trade deal that A: is concluded within the Buffoon’s deadline and B: does NOT negatively impact on the UK economy can be done well within this deadline. It is this:

    #1: The UK rejoins EFTA.
    #2: The UK remains in the EEA.
    #3: The UK negotiates a Customs Union with the EU covering goods AND services.

    This of course would be denounced as “the Great Betrayal” by such as the Famous Farage (For it is He!) who would call it BRINO!

    The chances of negotiating ANY “trade deal” which causes the UK to LEAVE the EEA and LEAVES the EU’s Customs Union within the deadline are extraordinarily remote! You see, this requires infrastructure known as border inspection posts constructed at British and Irish ports – AND all EU ports as well! This means that the buildings have to be designed, planning permission obtained and built – PLUS the staff recruited and trained to operate the COMPUTER SYSTEM which has to be defined, ordered, installed AND DE-BUGGED – within this deadline!

    NOT only that…… The “trade deal” which may well be beneficial in the medium to long term; must NOT damage the UK economy IN THE SHORT TERM!

    As we said, turning water into wine is a somewhat easier ask!

    So our words to the Buffoon are: “Good luck! You will need it!”

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