• Cooking the books.

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    In his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87474), Doctor North gives us the following texts which are particularly insightful:
    “….statistics can often be employed to deliver the desired outcome, whatever that might be….”

    “….whenever any particular set of statistics become an important or potentially embarrassing indicator of government performance, a way is found to change their basis of their calculation or change them in such a way as to make comparisons with earlier sets almost impossible….”

    “…..selective quoting and extravagant use of “spin”, compounded by the willingness of the legacy media uncritically to report government propaganda…..”
    British Gazette comment: A one liner summary of Doctor North’s blog-post is this: Expect the Tories to “cook the books” and “fiddle the figures”.
    Yesterday’s BG post mentioned my late father. “Dad” was always a Liberal – that is to say, the “Brexiteer” Liberal Party and not the Liberal Democrat Party, of whom some have stated are neither liberal or democrats!

    “Dad” was never a Tory and one piece of political wisdom he gave me was this: “NEVER trust a Tory!”

    • Just because someone significant in your life had an opinion on a party or certain MPs ages ago does not have any relevance to very changed parties and personnel now.
      Move on!!
      Less doom and gloom which has often been proved wrong.

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