• Original racism.


    Above, one of the treasures in the Royal Picture Gallery, Mauritshuis, The Hague is the masterpiece “The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man” It was a joint work by two artists, Rubens and Jan Brueghel the Elder. The figures were by Rubens and the landscape and animals were by Brueghel.

    This blog is NOT a religious/theological blog and therefore we will not digress into the area of defining the concept of original sin. However, for the sake of brevity we will grotesquely summarise it as “something you are born with”; like the “white” skin a certain Mr Lawrence Fox was born with!

    Believing that you are in part, fundamentally bad is an essential part of many religious peoples’ lives. It’s a sort of psychological masochism. This mental tendency can be – and is – exploited. By various persons/groups.

    Some of these persons/groups are those who “self identify” – to use a 21st Century term – as “black” or “BAME” (black and minority ethnic). Many of these people believe that those they identify as “white” are automatically racist; you are white, therefore you are racist – unless that is you indulge in self abasement and admit your “original racism” that you were “brought up with” and consciously atone for this by accepting that a “black” or “BAME” person can only be your judge – as to whether or not you are a racist.

    Of course, those of you dear readers out there who would view this as in and of itself racist have merely – in these people’s eyes – confirm that you are indeed a racist!

    If you are accused of being a racist by these people do not be tempted to counter with, “I’m not racist!”. That is playing into their argument.

    Your reaction should be one of two options depending on how wealthy you are.

    IF your level of disposable income is regularly in the order of £5 million or more then you can just shrug and answer back; “I think it’s you.” Or point to yourself as say “kettle” and then point to them and say “Pot.”

    IF however your disposable income is less than £5 million do and say nothing.

    This is because £5 million is what you must be able to comfortably loose before considering defending a libel writ!
    Whilst the woman (https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/laurence-fox-question-time-meghan-racism-a4336741.html) who castigated Mr Fox was applauded, it was gratifying to observe that there were groans from the audience as well. You see, the majority or ordinary British People (not to be found in “Question Time” audiences) are now SICK and TIRED of being accused of something they are not – mostly by monstrous hypocrites!
    Brexiteer Jeff Taylor has published an informative vlog-post on this:

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