• Brexit: Breaking out of the bubble – NOT!


    Above, a YouTube video of a Paxman Valenta diesel being run. Another YouTube video of another Paxman Valenta diesel being run is at the bottom of the post.
    Today Doctor North has posted his latest blog-post.
    GOTO: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87495
    His perseverance is admirable. However he along with most other political bloggers – from whatever end of the political spectrum – face the SAME problem: Getting their message across to other than the converted!

    This is of course why the arguments are so stilted and nothing ever seems to progress. It is one side against another. Only when EVENTS force the issue do things change.

    This is not a pro or anti British point. This is something homo sapiens have in common whatever part of the planet they are living on.

    The FACT is that homo sapiens behave in certain ways. Which is why the two YouTube videos form the illustrative part of this post. You will observe in the top video the gentleman starting the engine. You will observe that ear defenders are NOT being worn. You will also if you examine the comments in both videos realise that ALL the commentators appear to be MALE.

    Here is another FACT – which will of course infuriate Harridan Harperson – men and women are different! The bottom video is particularly instructive.

    Allow us to ask a question of the BG’s female readership: How many times Dear Lady have you accompanied a man – your boyfriend, brother, father, husband, son, nephew or uncle – where a car’s engine has been demonstrated? Where the bonnet (“hood” to our US readers) has been opened/raised and the engine started and then revved up with a consequential very great increase in the decibel level? How many times have you moved away and leave the men to expose their eardrums to levels of noise that you deem unacceptable?

    Dear Lady, it is not only a “man thing” it is a homo sapiens “thing” – all of us act in certain “pre-programmed” ways. Which is why Brexiteers read Brexiteer friendly sources and Remainers read Remainer friendly sources.

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