• Getting square eyes……..


    “You’ll get square eyes watching too much television!”

    This is what my parents used to tell me when I was a boy.

    A while back I purchased a DVD box set of an old TV series. One from the USA. It was “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”. Today looking at this mid 1960s TV “Sci-Fi” offering provides a quaint, quirky viewing experience happily free of guilt and doubt. One did not see the producer and director of this series stepping up on stage and making an apology for oppressing black people!

    I have not restricted by trek down the memory lane of past TV shows to this single offering. I have bought others including “Dad’s Army” and “Steptoe & Son”.

    It used to be the case that each morning I would peruse the internet and put compile a post on an important topic of the day. What I also did was to check on the website of the London Stock Exchange and monitor the state of the market vis-à-vis my shareholdings.

    I no longer regularly do the former but I still regularly to the latter.
    Evidence as to why I have stopped posting regularly is to be found on the blog of Doctor Richard North (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87507) who stoically continues to man his post commenting on the idiocies practiced by that assemblage of nincompoops that sadly now comprises Her Majesty’s Government!

    I still keep a close eye on what is and what is not going on. But this is in conjunction with the latter activity of watching the stock market.

    At the moment, I am just watching.

    Of the five stocks the one’s receiving my closest attention are Royal Dutch Shell and Lloyds Bank. “Ben” van Beurden, the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell is steering the company through the shark infested waters of the Sea of Nonsense known as “anthropogenic climate change” ~ he has to be careful so as to steer a course to avoid the ship striking a coral reef (suitably bleached of course!) OR from hitting an iceberg breaking off from the rapidly melting Thwaite’s Glacier.

    Happily for we shareholders of Shell, Mr van Beurden, is – unlike the Buffoon – no fool and knows full well what is causing Thwaite’s Glacier to melt. That is the not insignificant matter of an active submarine volcano in the vicinity!
    GOTO: https://www.thegwpf.com/thwaites-glacier-why-did-the-bbc-fail-to-mention-the-volcanoes-underneath/
    Of course, the Bullshit Broadcasting Commissariat completely FAILED to mention this!

    Here is a FACT: If Mr van Beurden was to apply the same level of deliberate misrepresentation vis-à-vis Shell’s accounts, the Dutch Police would insist that he helps them with their enquiries!

    Sensibly, Mr van Beurden is paying close attention to the acquisition of reserves of natural gas. You see there is an old rule governing business: Supply and demand. The greater the demand and the lesser the supply, the higher the price! You see, running a business is not just about turnover. It is about profit! Given the global pandemic of stupidity relating to “climate change” natural gas will be in greater demand relative to oil and therefore attract higher prices!

    Mr van Beurden can at least comfort himself with the thought that he is not the only CEO who has to contend with political idiots. Doubtless he will cast a sympathetic eye in the direction of Gresham Street, EC2 where the long suffering Senhor António Horta-Osório CEO of Lloyds Banking Group has to monitor the actions of the Buffoon and his colleagues and try and take measures to mitigate the negative effects on the bank. Of course, the principal negative effect on Lloyds Bank has been it’s share price. Wisely, Sr. Horta-Osório has in the past pursued a policy of share buy-back – having the company buy it’s own shares. Recent PPI costs has put a halt on this – which is likely to be temporary.

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