• Brexit: Happy days are here again!


    Above, a YouTube video clip featuring the song, “Happy Days Are Here Again” sung by Jack Hylton from the 1930 movie, Chasing Rainbows. Technically the film was of note for as was common at the time, it was made in B&W, the finale was in early Technicolor. This was for two reasons:
    #1: The huge cost.
    #2: The dramatic effect.

    Since the spring of 2016, many BG readers have complained bitterly to the Editor at the particular editorial line taken by the BG on the issue of Brexit and it’s support for Doctor Richard North.

    Whilst this is NOT going to change, it does not mean that all posts are going to feature nothing but unmitigated “doom and gloom” on the subject of Brexit.

    There IS cause for a great degree of optimism – IF and ONLY IF the government takes advantage of the opportunities afforded!
    In yesterday’s post, “Pyramid Politics” (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2020/02/06/pyramid-politics/), we drew the reader’s attention to the Buffoon’s political gambit of banning the sale of new petrol and diesel engined cars from 2035.
    During the Brexit negotiations, Remainers both in the EU and in the UK used to use the phrase, “an act of self-harm”. This they applied to the policy of leaving the EU. It has to be said that were the Buffoon to actually implement what he is proposing would be a monumental act of self harm!


    Even though the BG regards the whole idea of CO2 being a problem as utter nonsense, a doable, practical method of “going carbon neutral” insofar as road transport (commercial and private) is concerned does exist. Furthermore, it requires little or no infrastructure investment!

    What is it? We hear you ask dear reader.

    In a word: BIO-DIESEL

    In the lunatic aim to cease using hydro-carbon fuels from underground, the barmy climate change enthusiasts have come up with the idea of bio-fuels. This is an industrial process which makes fuels for internal combustion engines from growing crops.

    This clearly presents the climate change nutters with a choice: They can use the acreage to grown crops as food or they can use the acreage to grown crops as fuel. It’s one or the other. Clearly, an acre that is used to grow a fuel oil crop cannot be used to grow a food crop at the same time. This is a FACT that even the likes of “The Buffoon” or “Long March Bailey” MUST be capable of understanding!

    Now to the POSSIBLE opportunity awaiting this country after Thursday 31st December 2020:

    The EU intends to ban the use of palm oil as a transport fuel by 2030.

    Doubtless, the EU will insist that HMG agree to this as part of the future trade deal.

    IF the Buffoon agrees to this demand then he is throwing away a HUGE money making opportunity for British business!

    You see, the reasons the EU are seeking the ban is NOT to protect the Amazon rainforest but the livelihood of European rapeseed oil farmers!

    You see, bio-diesel can be produced from palm oil OR rapeseed oil. The end product is EXACTLY the same!

    However: One acre put down to palm oil will produce TEN TIMES more bio-diesel than an acre put down to rapeseed oil!

    Of course, the field in England, France or Italy that can grow rapeseed CANNOT grow palm oil because of the difference in climate!

    This of course presents an ENORMOUS opportunity not only for the UK but also for the Commonwealth states of Belize and Guyana – and others!

    What this could mean is this: Large acreages in Belize and Guyana could be put down to palm oil and the crops harvested and turned into bio-diesel (either in these countries or the UK). It could then be sold in the UK. This – IF HM Treasury adopted a sensible attitude towards taxing it – would give British business road users a competitive advantage over the EU based rivals!

    Imagine all those Belgian, Dutch and French lorry drivers coming over the Straits of Dover to tank up with British bio-diesel. Remember, bio-diesel made from palm oil is chemically IDENTICAL bio-diesel made from rapeseed oil!
    GOTO: https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-eu-climatechange-palmoil/eu-to-phase-out-palm-oil-from-transport-fuel-by-2030-idUKKBN1JA21F
    GOTO: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/10/the-eu-ban-on-using-palm-oil-in-biofuels-could-do-more-harm-than-good/

    Imagine how annoyed President Macron will be!

    Of course, there are many flies in this particular tin of ointment: Those former Remainiacs now styling themselves as Rejoiners! They will insist that the UK follow ALL EU policies after 2020 – and they will have the full backing of the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat!

    • There has never been any doubt as to where you stand on Brexit etc, but would you PLEASE stop referring to Boris as the buffoon? He may indeed to prove to be just this* but I really feel there is no need to keep using this derogatory title.
      *In which case we may all feel inclined to use this name!

    • Good article.
      First I really agreed with for ages.

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