• What is PC Sauce for the goose is never entirely PC Sauce for the gander!


    Above Vicki Michelle, MBE (Mrs Graham Fowler) best known for her role as Yvette Carte-Blanche in the BBC television comedy series ‘Allo ‘Allo!
    The etymology of the adage, “There ‘ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” (There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch) is interesting.
    Unsurprisingly it is another US import.

    The adage is very apt when applied to the Internet. Unwanted adverts is a bane to all users. Each user will receive a different collections of unwanted cyber-junk depending upon their surfing habits.

    One of the minor irritants that frequently arrives in the BG’s inbox are emails from the website quora[dot]com. For those who don’t know, the website is a forum where persons can ask questions and receive answers from whomsoever chooses to answer them. What initially is of minor amusement (which very quickly one tires of) is of US cybersurfers asking stupid questions about “England” by which they mean the UK.

    The questions show not only a profound insularity and ignorance but also a remarkable stupidity. Some questions of course might be deliberate “wind ups” – a highly suspicious one is; “Why don’t they celebrate 4th July in England?”

    Less suspicious are questions asking why particular US food items are not sold in “England”. The questioners appear naively unaware that these items are clearly are exclusively US products. Similarly Americans visiting the UK are absolutely shocked that these items are not to be found on the shelves of UK supermarkets and are absolutely confused when they come across British products they’ve never come across before. One of these is HP Sauce.

    The one sauce (albeit a metaphorical one) they will most definitely be familiar with is “PC Sauce” where an action/policy directed at one group does not have it’s corollary directed at another group.
    The most obvious examples are organisations such as the National Black Police Association (https://www.nbpa.co.uk/) – the idea of a “National White Police Association” is not only ludicrous – it is an anathema and the mention of it (in this manner) is likely to bring forth an accusation of “hate speech”.

    However, when it comes to less contentious areas or situations where a corollary has to be set up to avoid public criticism something will generally be done. Thus it will be of no surprise therefore that Thursday, 19th November 2020 will be International Men’s Day – which is meant to demonstrate to those such as your Editor that we are receiving equal treatment when we discover that as well as being the second Sunday in lent, today is International Women’s Day (https://www.internationalwomensday.com/) – which is of course why the BG acknowledges it with a photograph of Mrs Fowler that the feminist sisterhood will condemn and denounce as outrageously sexist and demeaning to women!

    Of course the ever PC Google has jumped on this particular bandwagon with an extremely professional (and expensive) “doodle” (https://youtu.be/gLM1-Mooalg).
    One wonders if Google will spend the same on it’s “doodle” to celebrate International Men’s Day. We think not!
    For those interested there is a UK organisation (https://ukmensday.org.uk/) set up for we men!

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