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    Above, the opening of the sitcom “Are You Being Served?”

    Yesterday’s post featured ~ admittedly to irritate certain members of the PC brigade ~ a picture of Mrs Fowler in her thirties. Today’s sombre post about the likely bleak scenario vis-à-vis COVID-19 by Doctor Richard North (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87541) reminds your Editor that whilst my mind’s eye has a image of Mrs Fowler matching yesterday’s image, she, like me, is now of retirement age. Both of us remember ~ as adults ~ the period from 8th November 1972 to 1st April 1985 and if she did not watch any of the sitcom, Mrs Fowler will have been aware of “Are You Being Served?” during which the aforementioned was screened.

    “Are You Being Served?” was in a manner of speaking a forerunner and a contemporary to ‘Allo ‘Allo! which ran between 7th September 1984 and 14th December 1992 following a pilot screened on 30th December 1982. Both sitcoms were created by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd. Both can be described as televised farces.

    “What in the name of [redacted] has this to do with COVID-19?” We hear you ask Dear Reader.


    Mrs Fowler is just one of the millions of Britons who are facing up to the FACT that COVID-19 appears to attack it’s victims more severely the older they are and the frailer they are. The allusion to Mrs Fowler in her most famous professional role alludes to the FACT that many of us must regard COVID-19 far more seriously than if it had struck between November 1972 and April 1985.

    Doctor North draws our attention to a most unpalatable truth: It is all very well to have “state of the art” medical technology in terms of ICU ventilation facilities but IF demand is greater than supply the consequences for many of those that are denied such is grave ~ PUN INTENDED!

    Comrade Corbyn ~ one of the many older Britons ~ has for long been denouncing the Tories for not ensuring the NHS is adequately resourced.

    It appears that this is going to be demonstrated by the many appearances of the Grim Reaper.

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