• Dystopia?

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    Doctor Richard North and I go back some way – to the turn of the century when we were both ‘Kippers. We see the same way on several issues – Brexit included!
    Richard’s latest post (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87550) suggests the possibility of the situation going from bad to the worst case possible. Whilst not discounting that possibility, we MUST at this stage emphasis it is only a possibility. It is very important to bear in mind certain FACTS:

    COVID-19 is not striking down (except in very isolated cases) the young, the fit and the employed.

    COVID-19 might very well cut it’s morbid swathe through the UK’s population but those members of our population with the penchant for riot and forming criminal street gangs will be the least affected.

    What of course Richard describes is not large numbers of the young and healthy dying but of them being thrown out of work and made penniless. The solution of course to this lies in a manifesto at the last election which I know that Richard did not enthusiastically endorse; that of the Green Party. The Greens envisage a “citizens’ wage”. This ruinously expensive policy is not something any person grounded in reality could expect to see in any manifesto emanating from Conservative Central Office! But then, nobody could have expected such a gargantuan spending spree from the Tories either. We live in extraordinary times and paying everybody (who needs it) a “Citizens’ Wage” “for the duration” is one way of avoiding a complete breakdown of law and order.

    As the empty shelves on the supermarket shelves (and the extortionate prices being charged on Ebay for the same items) demonstrate, many people are instinctively self centred and selfish. They care only for themselves and others can simply go hang: or in the case of COVID-19, drown in their own fluid.

    For these selfish persons, I would suggest that they consult scripture: Matthew 25 v 31-46 (The Sheep and the Goats) paying particular attention to verse 40: “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

    For these “goats” there are two choices:
    #1: Repent (available only whilst alive).
    #2: Plan on not dying – ever!

    À propos of toilet rolls, some stores are limiting the number of items people can buy. If all else fails, HMG should (on certain goods) reintroduce rationing.

    • On a visit this morning to my nearest Aldi and Tesco, I saw that both had notices in the store and at the tills limiting item numbers. A chap in front of me was told he could only have two packs of fresh chicken pieces and not four. A young lady with him was going to return them, but he gave her some money and she went to a different check-out to buy them.

      Another couple of people took two boxes of eggs each even tho’ one of them said she didn’t need them for herself but the other one could then have four!.

      A letter in the Daily Mail tells of a couple going round all the chemists they could find, to buy Calpol and had collected 30 BOTTLES!!! So 29 families could see their children in need of this medicine, go without because of such greed. Unless you run an orphanage, or Calpol has a very long shelf-life, how much of this medication will eventually be wasted?

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