• Not going out.


    Before the Coronavirus Crisis of 2020, had I used this title I would most probably have used an image relating to the TV sitcom starring Lee Mack and Sally Bretton. We are living in extraordinary times however. When I launched this blog on 21st October 2009, I never imagined that I would have sat in front of my TV and witness a British Prime Minister make the broadcast above.

    Many things have been said about the man in the broadcast above but one thing is undeniable: COVID-19 can be stopped in it’s tracks IF it is deprived of the opportunity to infect another host.

    That is the one sure way of eradicating it or in the PM’s words, “send it packing”. The problem of course is in the achieving of this!

    One of the things that present itself to us is the mainstream media’s almost total preoccupation with the virus. Thankfully this attention has been directed at other countries beside the UK.

    Much has been said and will be said about the virus and it’s physical consequences but today we will look ahead to the lasting economic affects after the virus has wreaked it’s destructive path.

    There will be three principal economic areas that will be heavily affected. One is the EEA and the European Union. Another will be China and the Far East. The third will be North America (Canada and the USA).

    It has to be remembered that at the date of this post, the epidemic is in the early stages insofar as the USA is concerned. The states of California and New York are the hardest hit. We will have to see to what extent the virus can be contained in these states.

    The irony of the matter is probably this: The effects of the virus on those not killed by it will be short term. The effects of the virus on our economies will be long term.

    À propos of the lock-down, readers may be interested to know that the authorities can track you by your mobile even when you have switched it off. The two ways to circumvent this are:
    #1: Physically remove the battery from the ‘phone.
    #2: Don’t take the ‘phone with you.

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