• Into the valley of Death ……


    Above, William Simpson’s famous painting of the charge of the light cavalry brigade, under Major General the Earl of Cardigan.
    The Charge of the Light Brigade (Charge_of_the_Light_Brigade) during the Battle of Balaclava on 25th October 1854 in the Crimean War was one of the greatest military blunders of all time.
    In his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com), Doctor Richard North describes some of the likely consequences of the government’s actions.
    What is clear was that there was one acceptable way of dealing with this pandemic. It was demonstrated in China and Korea. The rest of the world had some warning. We have witnessed how the countries that make up the EU are dealing with the pandemic.

    In the UK, when appraised by the experts of what was to come the government had to face up to the consequences of their actions insofar as the lack of resources that had been provided by successive government’s to the NHS. What was also very clear to some in or near the “levers of power” was the gathered data as to how COVID-19 attacked most of it’s victims.

    These were the early indications:

    - The virus was highly contagious.
    - The virus was infectious in the host before symptoms arose thus causing the victim to spread the virus unknowingly.
    - The virus generally attacked the young and healthy with a mild illness that did not require medical intervention but in many cases attacked the old and unhealthy causing severe respiratory failure and death.
    - The virus appeared also to attack many young persons including children in such a manner as to render them virtually symptomless throughout thus causing them to be unaware that they had contracted the virus.

    The development and history of the UK government’s reaction to COVID-19 suggests that some person or persons might have formulated at one point a strategy of “herd immunity”.

    Basically, a strategy of “herd immunity” applied to COVID-19 would essentially be a “do nothing” strategy. In other words, let the virus rip through the UK’s population and allow it to kill those and not kill others resulting in a progressive increase of cases until a sufficient percentage of the UK’s population had contracted the virus and had recovered from it thus causing them to develop an immunity and thus ending the outbreak.

    There appears to be some evidence to suggest that at some point a person or persons unknown devised a strategy to allow this but with mitigating actions to give the impression that another policy of intervention was being pursued for political reasons.

    Why would a person or persons devise such a strategy?

    Because they looked to northern Italy whose health service is far better resourced than the NHS and came to the (correct) conclusion that if the health service there could not cope, then the NHS most certainly could not.

    Presumably such a person or persons unknown imagined at some brief point that those severely affected to die in their own homes and if elderly and living alone be collected by the public authorities when neighbours were altered by the flies and the smell!

    It might also be the case that such a person or persons unknown had categorised in their own mind or minds the likely fatalities being drawn largely from the elderly and unwell as the UK’s “surplus population” to borrow a phrase from “A Christmas Carol”, such person or persons unknown being aware that such persons made much greater use of the NHS than young people and that such persons were a great drain on the Exchequer not only in NHS resources but the state pension.

    Could it be that such a person or persons unknown had thought to themselves that the virus could be economically beneficial?

    IF such a person or persons exist and they are employed in or near government, they should be moved and given new employment. There is a position that could be created; the post of Environmental Commissioner for the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.
    GOTO: South_Georgia_and_the_South_Sandwich_Islands

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