• Russian Roulette.


    WARNING: The content of the above will distress and upset some people. The above YouTube video clip is part of the Huntley Film Archives (https://www.huntleyarchives.com/) located in Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire.
    This blog has from time to time put up images and video clips that have let us say, “pushed the boundaries”. The above clip crosses that boundary by a country mile. I thought long and hard and took the counsel of others before publishing it.

    It is archive footage of US origin of three men playing Russian Roulette. Herewith a text description of the 56 second clip: Close up of gun, a revolver, in a hand. The first man puts the gun to his temple and pulls on an empty chamber, the gun is passed to the next man. The second man pulls on an empty chamber and the gun is passed on. The third man pulls on a full chamber and the film ends with a black screen.

    The clip has been published in order to bring home the seriousness of the situation people now find themselves in. Over the past week or so I have witnessed some incidents where “social distancing” has not been observed.

    This is serious. The six feet, seven and a quarter inches (2 metres) distance has to be observed. Not observing it costs lives!

    People may feel self-conscious. They may feel that “the want to get on” as they are busy and they are not prepared to wait for an old person to walk slowly to the cited distance. Well they have to.

    The reason why COVID-19 is so dangerous is that the carriers of it become most contagious just before they experience the onset of symptoms. This means a young fit person can be symptomless, are in a hurry, push past an old frail person, infect them and whilst they recover in under a week from little more than a cough, the old frail person dies a very unpleasant death.

    Observe the social distancing rule.

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