• The sensible (below left) and the stupid (below right).


    Yesterday we commended the BBC presenter Sophie Raworth for her excellent piece of journalism giving her online readership a pictorial report on London’s near deserted streets on her run (in the literal sense of that word) to work. Sadly, for every journalist who produces good work there appears to be another producing dross.

    The wooden spoon for producing the biggest pile of dross since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak must surely go to Toby Daniel Moorsom Young who wrote (https://thecritic.co.uk/has-the-government-over-reacted-to-the-coronavirus-crisis/) the following:
    “……Spending £350 billion to prolong the lives of a few hundred thousand mostly elderly people is an irresponsible use of taxpayers’ money……”
    Words fail us!
    To call this man a twerp would not do justice to his monumental stupidity. People make mistakes as the former Scottish Chief Medical Officer Dr Catherine Calderwood has found out to her cost, but Mr Young’s stupid scribblings takes idiocy to a whole new level.

    It is a well known fact that the excellent Doctor Richard North is known for being somewhat acerbic at times for the learned doctor has difficulty tolerating fools with anything approaching gladness; but we must say that in his criticism of Mr Young in his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87569) he shows some uncharacteristic restraint.
    The plain FACT of the matter is this: That were there to be a collection of politicians and civil servants as imbécilic as Mr Young in power, civil order would rapidly break down as thousands upon thousands of the nation’s elderly and frail (and many young and not so frail) would die in their flats and houses, their neighbours only altered when the flies started camping out on the insides of the windows of the now quiet residence. Plague pits would be the order of the day, the 21st century affording some advantage enabling those excavating such the use of mechanical diggers!

    The plain simple FACT of the matter is that we are forced to repeat the old Thatcherite acronym of the 1980s – TINA – “there is no alternative.”

    The one thing the BG would point out to Mr Young is that at the age of 56 he is no longer a youth who can face the prospect of contracting COVID-19 with equanimity. We would further remind him that he is 247 days or 8 months and 3 days OLDER than the now hospitalised Prime Minister!

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