• Happy St. George’s Day!


    This St. George’s Day is a happy one for me.


    Because today SSE PLC have very kindly paid by Bank Giro Credit just over £100 into Moi’s bank account!

    They could not have timed it better!

    This happy (for me – not you Dear Reader) news will help offset the bad news (for me) that a local heritage attraction has for the umpteenth time, REFUSED to hoist the Flag of St. George on St. George’s Day! They have two flag poles, on one of which is hoisted the Union Flag and the other the Cornish St. Piran’s flag. On numerous occasions I have spoken to them about this dereliction and their answer is most unpleasant: They claim that Cornwall is not in England. Well that was NOT the belief of my grandfather who was born in Cornwall from a Cornish family. He was (correctly) firmly of the opinion that England begins and ends at Land’s End!
    NB: The Tamar is the border between the counties of Cornwall and Devon!

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