• A question of competence.

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    “Dad” many, many years ago.

    The most competent man I ever met was my late father, Bernard H. G Rogers, C.Eng. MIEE, Consulting Engineer.

    He was no academic genius but he combined three essential qualities that caused him to be a highly valued expert witness by the legal profession in England.

    He had the necessary level of expert knowledge necessary.

    He was an extremely practical man which enabled him to apply the knowledge in practical “hands on” terms.

    The greatest of his skills however was his competence. This was gained by attention to detail and application of his knowledge to a job in hand through thorough research. “Dad’s” reports were famous amongst his professional colleagues and the English Bar. Some were monumental works that described every detail that was necessary to get to the bottom of the issue. These reports were not only accurate, detailed and long, they took a huge amount of effort and time to produce. So much so that when he totted up the hours he had spent, Dad felt unable to charge his hourly rate to all of them so he basically worked for half the money.

    Even so, “Dad” managed to provide a reasonable income to enable “Mum” to continue in her roles of Methodist lay preacher (unpaid) and what she and her generation called a “housewife” aka “homemaker”.
    I make mention of “Dad” for the above text is worth bearing in mind after reading Doctor North’s blog-post today.
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    The problem we have in this country is that we have a political system out of which the system of government comes, that has been hijacked by a chatterati obsessed with it’s concerns that can be summed up as “political correctness”. So much so that a valued professional employed in the public sector or a business that is heavily exposed to the public eye, can be forced out of their job following a bad joke, or a joke that let us say would have garnered a laugh in 1970 but fifty years later in 2020 would have people looking into their beer glasses in embarrassment.

    It is all very well for those in parties such as UKIP to shout “political correctness gone mad!” – it is worse than that because the practical outcome has been, to use a term of the time, that things have been “dumbed down” – insofar as the level of competence of the people involved in the governance of the country.

    We have – across all the parties currently with members in Parliament – a series of individuals who are highly aware of what they can say and what they can’t say in terms of politically correct phrases and words. Like many fields, this is a constantly changing field, particularly in the precise terms that can or cannot be ascribed to members of an ethnic minority or those with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual.

    Failure to pay sufficient attention to this is most important if these people wish to keep their lucrative positions because one slip and they will be out!

    What we are seeing in the thousands of grieving families now mourning for lost loved ones is the actual outcome of this baleful nostrum of “embracing diversity”.

    The simple FACT of the matter is this: High office means high responsibility. Get it WRONG and people DIE.

    • But have you noticed that over these for many, traumatic weeks, that there is no mention of politically corrupt (PC) promotion of transgender, sexual orientation or all things minority that militates against the majority?

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