• Mob rule!


    The criminal damage that was committed the other day by an angry racist mob (above) when they pulled down a statue of Edward Colston has to be followed by the appropriate and correct action by the authorities.

    This should be twofold:

    #1: To attempt to identify and prosecute those responsible.

    #2: To repair and re-erect the statue.

    Doubtless the politically correct will condemn the BG as unreservedly racist and a member of “the far right”. This for having the brazen effrontery to call the so called “anti-racists”, racists! Evidence of the BG’s guilt will of course be the call to re-erect the statue!

    We don’t call for the prosecution and re-erection for reasons of political revenge. We call for it to stop this situation from becoming inflamed – for do not doubt it, that is what the protesters want!

    You see, IF the authorities “let this one go” and nobody is prosecuted and the statue is quietly disposed of – to a non ferrous scrap dealer – then we will only find that those from the opposite political spectrum from this Bristol mob will start defacing and attacking statutes and memorials that they disapprove of (BG readers will be able to think of examples) and the whole situation becomes inflamed, with one set of extremists antagonising the other.

    Sadly, what we will likely see is the police prosecute one of two members of the mob and they will receive a slap on the wrist (a fine) from the courts. Then, when those from the other end of the political spectrum commit some lesser act of criminal damage against a statue or memorial of the aforementioned they will be subject to severe punishment (custody) this been deemed “racially aggravated” thus causing the offender and their supporters to (not unreasonably) claim that they are the result of a politically biased justice system.

    Below is a link for those wishing to inform themselves about Edward Colston.
    GOTO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Colston

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