• President Putin’s Proposal.

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    Our Jeff is clearly suffering from a case of cabin fever (https://youtu.be/tY4k1zlNZnI)! Understandable really.
    The FACT of the matter is that to a greater or lesser extent we have ALL been affected by the never to be sufficiently damned COVID-19.

    As with any significant event these days, swarms of theories of varying believability swarm across the internet like the locusts currently swarming in east Africa.

    BG readers will have noted that I have not been producing much by way of posts of late. Furthermore, the subject that is preoccupying most of the media – COVID-19 – has been left relatively alone.

    There is a reason why I have not been commenting much on COVID-19. When choosing a topic on which to make a post I do like to chose a topic that I know something about! Since I and not a virologist or microbiologist or another qualified medical professional, I have tended to leave the subject alone.

    Of course, this inhibition is noticeably absent from most of the mainstream media!

    However, in Mr Taylor’s cri de salon there is contained a suggestion that to many public health strategists will appear to hold water: Namely, to segregate/separate – doubtless they will use the political spin term “shield” – those most likely of contracting COVID-19 from the general population.

    Regular readers will realise that whilst today’s post comes at the beginning of August the last time I commented upon COVID-19 was nearing the end of April (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2020/04/21/crude-oil-crude-oil-everywhere-nor-any-drop-being-used/).
    In this post, I ventured to suggest that of all the world’s leaders, President Putin (above) may have hit on the ONE solution that could achieve two things:
    #1: Avoid crashing the economy and leaving future generations with decades of debt &:
    #2: Saving as many lives (from COVID-19) as possible.

    President Putin’s idea was to impose in effect a lock-down but on those at most danger of developing other than a mild illness should they contract COVD-19.

    In the above linked post of 21st April I speculated about possible “carrots” and “sticks” that might be imposed were Beleaguered [“...by events, dear boy, events...”] Boris to embark upon such a strategy.

    IF such a thing comes to pass, it is likely that I will be very much affected!

    An effective vaccine cannot come soon enough!

    • Being of the age group that needs ’shielding’, I am non the less very sceptical about much that has been surmised and acted upon. I note that the result of Sweden NOT shutting down has proven to have been the correct thing to do. Their death levels were less than ours and they didn’t feel the need or want to crash their economy.

      As for the use of the term ‘pandemic’, the Spanish Flu was a pandemic where millions around the world OF ALL AGE GROUPS died, we have NOT been through anything like that, so I for one dispute such a label.

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