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    Above, a super-yacht. As per usual, read on for the relevance to the text.

    We are indebted to Herr August Ludwig von Rochau and his famous “Grundsätze der Realpolitik” (vernacular; Principles of Realpolitik / actual; Practical Politics) for the term that forms the title of today’s post.

    Practical politics is something that is noticeable by it’s absence from the approach to the cross Channel illegal immigration going on at present.

    The particular unfortunate who holds the pertinent brief of Secretary of State for the Home Department is Witham’s Worry ~ it’s MP; the Right Honourable Priti Sushil Patel.

    It would however be unfair to place all the blame upon the shoulders of La Patel and her colleagues as the alternative assemblage of air heads led at present by the Right Honourable Sir Keir Rodney Starmer PC, KCB, QC, the Member for Holborn and St Pancras.

    You see, whilst is can be said that voters get the politicians they deserve, the logical corollary of this also applies, namely, that voters get the polices they deserve!

    The FACT of the matter is this: The UK’s immigration policy cannot and does not work and furthermore, an immigration policy that deals EFFECTIVELY with the present situation could not work because the mass of the British People would be appalled!

    In other words, von Rochau’s concept of Practical Politics cannot be applied to UK immigration as there would be too much opposition to it.

    “Why Not?” we hear you ask Dear Reader.

    The easiest way of answering this question is to set out a practical solution to the present situation:

    It would require the following things:

    For the UK to formally terminate it’s commitments under the treaties governing human rights.

    Fundamental legislation setting up a special judicial route for immigration appeals that circumvent the UK courts ~ in other words, the official making the decision to send a migrant back gets to review their own decision with no adverse consequences career-wise ~ for them!

    Placing all illegal immigrants arriving in the UK into detention camps and only accepting as legal migrants those the UK actually wants.

    Returning those the UK does not want promptly to their countries of origin or the assumed country of origin ~ many migrants destroy their documents and refuse to say from where they have come.

    This policy would demonstrate ~ to potential migrants ~ the futility of trying to enter the UK illegally for the end result for them would be to end up back where they started from!

    It would be hard to overstate the furore that such a policy would raise not only amongst Sir Keir ~ who would be apoplectic with rage ~ but from the EU and many states across the world.

    For the UK to successfully implement such a policy it would have to alter another policy. At present the UK is one of the few states that give 0.07% of GDP as foreign aid. This is an unpopular policy with many voters. It is also not an effective policy. Why?

    Because the policy is being ethically and properly applied by the Rt. Hon. Anne-Marie Trevelyan the Member for Berwick-upon-Tweed and Secretary of State for International Development.

    Were Ms Trevelyan to apply the principals of Realpolitik to the UK’s huge foreign aid budget her work-life balance would be much more relaxed, as would that of her departmental colleagues.

    At present the UK donates huge sums to non governmental organisations and charities who ensure that the aid gets to those who need it. This is A Good Thing and something that Ms Trevelyan and her colleagues should be commended for. However, it benefits the UK relatively little ~ certainly in terms of the huge sums of money spent.

    A foreign aid donation policy that would serve the interests of the UK would be quite simple to deliver and would require very few civil servants to implement it. The most difficult task would be to apportion how much aid is given to which nation states. Once a figure has been arrived at, delivery of the aid is simplicity itself: The department simply asks the representative of the nation’s Sovereign/President/Prime Minister the account details of the bank they want the money paying into! The whole thing can be done at Ms Trevelyan’s desk using her PC!

    The practical result of such a policy of course is that the unpleasant and corrupt despots who constitute a large portion of “World Leaders” would spend the money on or maintaining super-yachts such as the one in the image at the top of this post! Whilst their fellow citizens starve to death!

    Now then, what political activist in their right mind thinks that they could sell such a policy to the British People?
    Anybody who seriously thinks that they could, needs to follow this link: https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/mental-health-services/how-to-access-mental-health-services/

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