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    Written in 1782, Edward Gibbon’s History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is a world famous seminal work on the subject. Thanks to Project Gutenberg, it is available to read free of charge online. Herewith the link: https://www.gutenberg.org
    I was a boy in the period known as “the swinging sixties”. It was also a period that was known as “the permissive society”. During this time, a certain Mrs Mary Whitehouse CBE founded the National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association, through which she led a long-standing campaign against the British Bondage Celebrants.

    Why the allusion to BDSM? In part due to the BBC’s newsreader Ms Raworth, aka Mrs Winter to an event known as the London Fetish Awards a while back (above). Those with an interest in this sort of thing can purchase tickets for the 2020 do that occurs between 7PM in the evening 10th of this month and ends at 2AM the next morning. Again, herewith the link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk
    It is sure that Mrs Whitehouse would have been infuriated by one particular sentence under “Dress Code”.
    We quote: “No exposed genitals or nipples due to venue restrictions.”
    Clearly, Mrs Winter complied with the dress code.

    Another thing that would have infuriated Mrs Whitehouse was that the official host (of the 2020 event) is a woman who traded as a prostitute.

    Readers will note that there are numerous commercial sponsors of the event.

    I know what my father would have said about this. He would have referred to the decline of Rome and said that all civilisations decay at some point and “permissiveness” and debauchery is one of the symptoms.

    History however does not exactly repeat itself. It reinterprets the past for itself in it’s own particular way. For instance, that which was once an institution, The Sun newspaper’s “Page 3” is now no more, it having been finished by prudish intolerant feminists. And yet, these same feminists would no doubt applaud the above mentioned celebrants.

    This illustrates the curious way in which things have progressed. To gain the vital (and increasingly legal requirement) of acceptability, one’s “interest” must be regarded as an alternative, fringe or minority pursuit and not a mainstream majority pursuit. This is all part of the “diversity agenda”.

    For instance, in the area of what in the 1960s was called, “race relations” is is OK to have a banner stating “Black Lives Matter” held up in public, but when a banner stating “White Lives Mater” our thoroughly politicised police service (not force) were infuriated and launched a criminal investigation only be be distraught when they discovered that the person putting on this stunt could NOT be prosecuted!

    So you see, it is now NOT OK to be a white male heterosexual whose idea of a very good time with a beautiful woman is to have conventional (which is no longer allowed to be reffered to as “normal”) sexual intercourse with her but TOTALLY OK if you are a weirdo whose idea of a very good time with a beautiful woman is to have her beat you with a strap or other instrument! And so much the better if you cannot realistically tick the “White British” box on an ethnic monitoring form!

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