• “The number you have dialled has not been recognised…….”


    On the 16th of this month, the BG’s blog-post informed it’s readership that it’s Editor’s land-line was being used incessantly by what are kindly described as “nuisance callers” and less charitably – but more accurately as fraudsters and that in future the ‘phones would no longer emit an audible indicator of an incoming call. The post went onto stress that those callers who stay on the line to receive the voice-mail message should use that facility as I (like Jim Rockford) WILL get back to you!

    Since the post I have received calls from other than fraudsters and these callers have not seen fit to leave a message.

    I have discovered not answering the silent telephone is the easiest and least frustrating way of dealing with these criminals. This because in their successful attempts to get round call blocking by using computer dialling software that creates a fake number that can pass through the filters of UK based telephone service providers, they fail in one inevitable regard: the plain simple FACT that a fake number cannot be “rung”!

    You see, all I have to do is to lift the receiver after the call and the BT Converse 2300 will automatically dial the number on the caller display panel! Thus the device dials the number and that fake number is promptly revealed with today’s title!


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