• Robbing Peter to pay Paul (or Pauline).


    It is said that there isn’t anything new under the sun.
    The online business magazine Business Insider reports upon Elisabeth Brinton – the new boss at Shell with the task to “green” the oil company.
    GOTO: https://www.businessinsider.com/elisabeth-brinton-new-energies-boss-royal-dutch-shell-business-model
    Most business ideas/strategies are relatively straightforward. It is in implementing the detail they become complicated.

    Royal Dutch Shell’s strategy appears to be one of these. In a nutshell – being the fruit of a non GM modified tree organically grown in a “farm friendly” environment following “best practise” insofar as it’s “human resources” are concerned – the plan appears to be this:

    #1: Shift from crude oil to natural gas.

    #2: Build lots of offshore wind turbines.

    #3: Build lots of gas turbine generator stations.

    #4: Sell the electricity thus generated.

    It’s quite simple and quite obvious really. One contracts with governments and regulators headed by such as the idiot belowto supply electricity from the wind turbines. Then to supply the electricity generated from the gas turbines when the wind turbines are not – generating electricity that is – because the wind is not blowing enough or is blowing too hard causing the wind turbines to be shut down – if they spin too fast the oil in the gearing ignites and the things burn like Roman candles!

    Meanwhile, the remaining crude oil will continue to be refined into aviation and road fuels to be exported to be used by sensible people such as those living in Africa, whilst the people in Europe have to suffer the attempts of such as the idiot above to get battery powered passenger aircraft off the ground!
    As they say – “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad!”

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