• Be careful what you wish for……………………


    Occasionally, one comes across circumstances where the above phrase ending of course with the punch line ……………………you might get it! – is so cruelly appropriate as in the case of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

    The British Board of Control (Opinions & Thought) TFO [Taxpayer Funded Organisation] are reporting that Alexander the Greatly Troubled is considering the introduction of another “lockdown”.
    GOTO: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54756950
    Factors that will have forced the decision will have been the pictures of crowds cavorting boisterously in Nottingham before the introduction of tighter restrictions and the ever increasing rate of cases.

    Of course the man who holds the position of the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is like the barrister he is will do his job – to oppose. However, those holding his office must always be aware of words like; “other” “boot” and “foot”!

    Were their positions reversed both men would be doing (more or less) what the other is now doing!

    One of the criticisms levelled at the Greatly Troubled one is that he FAILED to take the restrictions he did – and will do – soon enough. Similarly, the predictable criticism that the VAST SUMS already spent are not enough.

    It therefore behoves ALL persons capable of being classed as being capable of rational thought should consider the following FACTS:

    COVID-19 attacks is victims in different ways with differing levels of severity. These include a whole gamut of symptoms ranging in severity from a dry cough through to the inability to breathe; from diarrhoea to a splitting headache. Many it seems experience no symptoms whatsoever throughout the period they remain infected. These people of course present the greatest of dangers to those who are or could be severely and mortally affected. Most prominently of course is the correlation between age and severity – that the younger, fitter and healthier people are less affected and the older less fit and less healthy are more affected. This of course is why we saw the boisterous scenes in Nottingham – many of those people were of the opinion that their chance off catching COVID-19 was #1 small and #2 not a real problem as the infection in their case would more than likely be mild.

    This relaxed and carefree approach towards COVID-19 finds the very opposite reaction in those people who know that they are old and/or unfit and/or not healthy! The cohorts with the so-called “underlying health conditions”. These good people will often be seen going to very great lengths to avoid contracting COVID-19. In many cases, their lives have been turned upside down.

    Of course, many old people are still well off financially. Many have generous occupational pensions which are guaranteed. They own the freehold of their home and have paid off the mortgage some time ago. This relatively settled state of affairs could not be in greater contrast to many of the young people who have lost their jobs, have no means of paying the rent and face eviction and homelessness.

    So, what is the way out?

    The way out will be a combination of two things:

    #1: The virus will to some extent deprive itself of is means of existence by killing it’s hosts.

    #2: An effective series of vaccines (note the plural) will be produced and deployed in 2021.

    NB: It is NOT necessary – although it is of course desirable – for the vaccines to prevent those so immunised from contracting the virus. It is ONLY necessary to REDUCE THE SEVERITY of the symptoms in those so immunised. For example; were a vaccine to have a general reduction in symptoms to the effect that those who would have been hospitalised no longer require hospitalisation and those who would have been moderately affected (to the extent that they would have needed to take time off work) are only affected to a minor extent and those who would have been affected to a minor extent are rendered symptomless. IF this is the result (bearing in mind that there will ALWAYS be the rare exception), LIFE CAN RETURN TO NORMAL!

    But then it won’t!


    Well who do you think is going to pick up the tab?

    That’s right! The taxpayer!

    And who is the tax payer?

    Go look in a mirror!

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