• Achieving the Impossible!


    ALL politicians want to leave their mark. Otherwise what is the point in putting up with all the downsides?

    For the new POTUS, his plate is going to be very, very full. His first priority will be COVID-19. His second priority is to begin the task of getting the USA out of the quagmire it’s peoples have managed to dig themselves into!

    This is a man who clearly relishes a challenge!

    A POTUS always wants a foreign policy success to parade in front of his electorate. Clearly, with Mr Biden identifying himself as Irish (half in jest) to a BBC journalist, he clearly has Ireland in mind.

    A word of warning to our American friend: If you think what you have got on your domestic plate is a daunting set of challenges, then for Ireland, multiply that by a factor of ten!

    Please understand Mr POTUS that Ireland is a graveyard of political ambition!

    Notwithstanding this it MIGHT be the case that a sense of reality is beginning to dawn on the Irish electorate. This however is something restricted to the ordinary man and woman in the street who is NOT a political activist! Ireland’s politicians are wedded to their beliefs and prejudices and these will only be shifted at the Second Coming!

    There is of course a LOGICAL solution to this unholy mess! The problem is that BOTH sides will NOT accept it!

    The solution of course has to contain a set of fundamental compromises in the long held positions of the sectarian parties.

    HEREWITH the completely unacceptable solution:

    That the two independent sovereign entities that comprise the geographic British Isles, namely the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland be dissolved. That done, two independent sovereign entities will be reformed. These being the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland.

    Now at first glance, this would appear to recreate in Ireland that which existed before New Year’s Day 1801 when the Act of Union, 1800 came into effect. This of course was an Ireland with an electorate that was comprised of property owning male Protestants and nobody else! Then of course there was the unelected and hereditary Irish House of Lords composed mainly of large landowners.

    Clearly, this arrangement would NOT be acceptable today!

    Instead what should replace it is essentially what exists in the Irish Republic at present! The stated aim of those Irish people who want a “united Ireland” is to have a single unitary state with one government in Dublin governing and enacting legislation for the whole of Ireland with no so called “Orange Hub” in Belfast!

    Any politician who thinks that Irish nationalists will accept anything less than this is living in cloud cuckoo land.
    Therefore this of course would have to be the case insofar as a settlement of the Irish Issue is concerned. The VITAL set of compromises the Irish nationalists MUST make which will be the minimum that the Loyalists would accept comprise the following.

    #1: That the NAME of the new Irish sate should be the Kingdom of Ireland.
    #2: That HM Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of same.
    #3: That HM is represented by a Lieutenant General and General Governor (more generally known as the Viceroy).
    #4: That the flag be other than the flag of the Irish Republic.
    NB: St. Patrick’s flag would be an excellent choice as the Union Flag of Great Britain would revert to the pre 1801 flag that comprised the flags of St. George and St. Andrew.
    #5: That the resurrected Kingdom of Ireland join the Commonwealth of Nations. Which would mean that the Irish Ambassador to London and the British Ambassador to Dublin would henceforth become High Commissioners.

    AS you can see, these changes are symbols and changes of titles and styles. They would NOT effect the bulk of day to day governance.

    PLEASE BE AWARE: You have more chance of recruiting Donald Trump as a member of the Democratic Party than you have of getting ANY Irish politician to accept this logical compromise proposal!

    IF you could, you would truly be a miracle worker!

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