• What a Gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Above: A typical totalitarian propaganda poster, this one showing the despot Stalin in a kindly light.
    Today’s second post attempts to dispel the bullshit produced by the Greenies.
    They report thus: “Atmospheric CO2 October 2020 411.28 parts per million (ppm) Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii (NOAA) Preliminary data released November 6, 2020”
    411.28 parts per million equates to:
    41.128 parts per hundred thousand which equates to:
    4.1128 parts per ten thousand which equates to:
    0.41128 of a part per thousand which equates to:
    0.041128 of a part per hundred which equates to:
    0.0041128 of a part per ten which equates to:
    0.00041128 of a part of one!
    Enough said!

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