• Saying sorry: No! Dial 101 if you are offended!

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    To those of us men over a certain age, the name Linda Lusardi brings back fond memories of finding a copy of “The Sun” newspaper on such as a table in a works canteen, opening it to reveal “Page 3” and smiling at the charms of such as the lovely Miss Lusardi.

    The image is posted quite deliberately knowing that many US based websites will filter the post out of their searches having classified the post as “pornography” for whilst we in the UK will regard the above image as “topless” no such definition exists in the USA where it is classed as “nude” and is therefore deemed pornography. Because of the close intelligence link between the USA and the UK the FBI’s mammoth internet reconnaissance facility which routinely scans the internet for terrorist and other criminal material will detect the post and noting that it is classed as “pornography” will notify their UK counterparts. This process is automatic and unmanned and thus to those members of the PC brigade who are thinking of picking up the ‘phone and ringing 101 and waiting the 30 minutes (due to coronavirus) to report me; you don’t have to bother! It’s already been done!

    I have posted the image of Miss Lusardi because it is IN MY OPINION innocuous and in the knowledge that the PC brigade will regard it as demeaning to women and sexist.

    Do I care? No!


    Well, I’ve been doing some research – completely unrelated to the blog and politics about the persecution of people – mainly women – in the past – particularly in the 17th Century – and have noted the great number of entirely innocent women who were tortured and judicially killed for being witches. Very very few of these women will have been in any way malevolent, will NOT have possessed ANY supernatural power and even the worst would not have deserved their fate.
    So: Should they all be granted a pardon? Should their descendants or their declared successors such as (https://wiccaorguk.wordpress.com/) and (https://museumofwitchcraftandmagic.co.uk) be given large sums of taxpayers money in compensation? No!
    This is why the government or future governments should NOT award compensation to British Citizens who are deemed to possess the ethnicity currently described as “black” (description subject to change without notice!) due to the involvement with slavery from Africa!

    Will I be deemed racist for posting this? Yes!

    Do I care? No!

    Those about to pick up the ‘phone – I refer you to my earlier statement – the Metropolitan Police already know!

    Have a nice day!

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