• Matters of concern.


    Yesterday’s post featured a disturbing image produced by a militant vegan and animal rights activist. It demonstrates a world view consistent with that of many so called “millennials” who are vegans.

    It is axiomatic that the world view of that artist differs from that of many of the BG’s readers who are older than the millennials and “meat eaters” !

    The other day the Brainwashing Britain Commissars reported upon a certain Mr Bamping and a district judge rejecting his claim that Plymouth City Council was at fault insofar as it’s renaming of Sir John Hawkins Square is concerned(https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/). The council is determined to proceed (https://www.plymouth.gov.uk/) with the renaming.
    Mr Bamping is considering an appeal. He said that Sir John Hawkins’ role as slave-trader should not be judged “by today’s morals”. Mr Bamping is something of a local campaigner (https://dannybamping.com/) in Plymouth.

    Judging historical characters by the morals of the 21st Century is of course something many political activists do – and not just those who are part of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

    The BG supports Mr Bamping’s stand because applying today’s standards to historical characters and removing the said characters from public prominence and providing information in a revised context is called “revisionism” and is something that has been practised through the ages by the rulers of the ruled. One of the most entertaining satirical treatments of this is of course to be found in the song, “The Vicar of Bray” below:It sums things up perfectly!

    The vicar was of course pursuing a sensible policy of complying with the wishes of the “powers that be.” As a result, he kept his comfortable living! The vicar was not and is not alone of course! Today many prominent individuals and companies comply with the dictates of political correctness. Which is exactly why we see so many sports-people of all races “taking a knee” at sporting events. They know that if they want to keep their sinecures they must literally “bend the knee!”
    There is nothing new in this!
    One of the most distressing events in British sporting history took place in Berlin on 14th May, 1938 (https://theconversation.com/) when the England football team were instructed to perform the Nazi salute during the German national anthem.The England footballers were not Nazis, they were simply told by those in authority to do this – or face the consequences!

    “Facing the consequences” is something anybody intent on doing other than what the “powers that be” desire has to reckon with. These consequences can in fact be extremely severe and at times fatal! The world’s prisons (in places such as North Korea) are full of people who have discovered this – the hard way! That is why most of us comply! Which is of course how dictators and despots stay in power!

    The aforementioned Mr Bamping (correctly) accused Plymouth City Council of judging Sir John Hawkins “by today’s morals.” Another prominent individual who has repeatedly incurred the wrath of the “powers that be” is the Christian street preacher Mr Mike Overd. Mr Overd repeatedly gets into trouble with the local police because of his fondness of reciting Leviticus Chapter 18, Verse 22 – and other verses – in public! The particular scripture being: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”
    Here we have an interesting confrontation taking place between Mr Overd and the police. The police are seeking to implement what Plymouth City Council are seeking to implement; applying today’s morals to Mr Overd. Mr Overd on the other hand wishes to apply the traditional moral standards presented in the Holy Bible.
    Mr Overd has the backing of some brave and most excellent supporters (https://christianconcern.com/) in the form of Christian Concern. We wish Mr Overd and his fellow Christians success in their efforts.
    This statement of course will incur the wrath of the politically correct!
    At the BG this is something we have grown accustomed to!
    However, I would counsel the VEOs (Verily Easily Offended) living locally to ponder things a little and pay proper heed to the lyrics contained in the Vicar of Bray!
    You see, at the moment (December 2020) they are in the ascendant with their PC views on subjects such as gender and sexuality issues and of course “climate change”!
    However: This will NOT always be the case!
    Why? Because of the simple FACT that society is always changing! This is because every second people are born, become 18 and die! They also have a habit of doing this in differing numbers. What this means is that the population is constantly in a state of change. This in the UK of 2020 means that the cultural balance, the ethnic balance and the faith balance are constantly changing.
    Thus, those hecklers – who would describe themselves as “Gay” – of Mr Overd may feel confident and secure at present but they will NOT feel so secure and confident in 20 or 30 years time! For things will have changed!

    The reason why we have featured Jerusalem at the top of this post is of course this is where the Good Lord Himself suffered the ultimate fate for annoying the “powers that be”. Of course, He was “up and about again” three days later!

    This situation will of course continue until He returns!
    On that day, many of us really will have something to worry about!

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