• Riding two horses……………………….


    It is not uncommon to see performers riding two horses in circus acts. Indeed, the circus is THE place to go if one wants to see human beings indulging in highly dangerous activities – such as walking along a tightrope – without a safety net. This of course would not be much of a problem if the tightrope was let us say 60 mm from the ground. But this is not the case! 60 feet off the ground is far more likely!

    The BG therefore extends it’s utmost sympathies to the Unfortunate Ben van Beurden, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell who has said that [Shell's] investment in low-carbon companies such as biofuels and solar power “must accelerate”. However, he also said that oil will continue to be an enormous revenue source and the company increase it’s policy of getting into the gas generated electricity industry. “There will be a place for our upstream activities for many decades to come,” he said at a conference recently.

    The company has been hit by a wave of resignations over the company’s pivot to greener fuels, just weeks before the company is due to unveil its strategy for the energy transition. Several top executives in the clean energy part of the business have departed in recent weeks amid reports of deep divisions over how far and fast the company reduces its dependence on oil and gas income.
    GOTO: https://theanvilnews.com/shell-executives-resign-amid-discord-over-green-push/

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