• This post is for you, Mrs X!


    I don’t like getting wet. Well, more precisely, I don’t like the inside of my new car getting wet! The practical outcome of this is generally that if it is raining, I don’t go out. If it looks as if it my very well rain, I don’t use the car and if there is a good chance it won’t rain, I will use the car!

    When the wind is blowing from the north west around to the north east, I can see the rain coming across the sea and I’ve become quite adept in judging when the rain will arrive ashore from the horizon.

    This morning it was drizzling, damp and wet(ish). Come 11AM and I decided that I would go to Morning Service at the local C of E establishment for the same. Why?

    For the following reasons:

    #1: The celebrant was coming all the way from near Land’s End to officiate. It would be very bad form for him to turn up and there be hardly anyone there.

    #2: Fellowship. I’m not going to explain this!

    #3: PO Aaron Rogers, DSM, RN. My late great uncle. He was a career sailor and a long serving NCO. I can just imagine what an NCO in Her Majesty’s armed forces would say to a recalcitrant fellow who moaned, “I don’t want to turn up, because I don’t like getting wet….”

    As it turned out, I didn’t really get wet.

    I will however get my fortune told by a certain lady who I meet – by chance – occasionally – when I am out on my coast walk!

    This is because the lady (and I am not going to name her) is a very well to do lady who is extremely politically correct. We have a number of “Extinction Rebellion” extremists living locally and this lady is convinced that the she and her family are in grave danger of being roasted by a harsh sun beating down on a desertified landscape and drowned in deep floods – not withstanding that she lives on a hill – and suffocated by the high levels of CO2!

    Before meeting this fate, the poor lady has to put up with me and this blog! To this lady the BG blog is like a candle flame to a moth. Hate it’s prognostications and my opines as she does; she cannot resist surfing onto it to discover what appalling outrageous set of statements I’ve had the brazen effrontery to post!

    This lady never does anything by halves. She always commits! This is very much the case with political correctness the new dogma of the age. I therefore know that this image above – which is intended as a little light-hearted fun – will be viewed as anything such!

    “An outrageous statement of misogyny!” and “Encouraging male violence against women!”

    Devon and Cornwall Police might even get (another) telephone call!

    The point of this post is to state that freedom of expression is important. You can only have freedom of expression if those whose views and statements your strongly object to can say what they want to say without let or hindrance.

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