• Unrealistic expectations.


    Today, Doctor North again (https://www.turbulenttimes.co.uk/news/brexit/brexit-another-day-another-deadline/) lambastes those engaged in the Brexit negotiations.
    It is all very well to be a tough negotiator, but the negotiation stance one takes must be one where it is possible that the other side is able to make the concession/s required to make a deal.

    This applies to BOTH sides!

    Sadly, we are very badly served not only by the calibre of the politicians – on all sides – but also the mainstream media. A “perfect storm” appears to be brewing!

    The parlous state of that these affairs of state have reached can be illustrated via reference to the image at the top of this post. It is a cropped screenshot from the CBS Season 2 TV series of “Wonder Woman”. The image comes from Episode 12, “The Deadly Toys” that was aired on the CBS network on 26th January 1979. Wikipedia describes the genre as “science fantasy” and viewers on that day were treated to 47minutes of the direst drivel that was made watch-able only through the delightful presence of the series star, Lynda Carter (who was 27 at the time) in the eponymous role.

    The drivel that constituted the plot was beyond dire! The actor beside the now Mrs Altman is Frank Gorshin who played one “Orlich Hoffman”. Herr Hoffman was a toymaker in 1970s Washington DC who was able to construct androids that were completely lifelike and indistinguishable from the human beings they were the doppelgängen of. This level of highly advanced technology was unavailable in 1979 and is unavailable in 2020 and I estimate it will be around 2155 (the year I would have turned 200) before it is!

    You see, the screen-shot shows the “flesh and blood” Lynda Carter not as the immortal “Wonder Woman” but as an android which was indistinguishable from the fully human Lynda Carter even upon the closest of inspections.

    Put it this way; any Brexiteer wanting the EU to grant a trade deal that allows us all of the advantages of membership of the Single Market without any of the disadvantages is rather akin to chaps like me saying; “I want that android!”

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