• Coronavirus: Cutting to the chase.


    NB: To the feminists – of both sexes – the above photo IS germane and relevant to the text below.
    Mrs Kane (above) was to many of us chaps a familiar face – and figure – who graced Page 3 of “The Sun” newspaper in the 1970s and 1980s. Many is the time when a chap calling on a commercial or industrial customer would, finding himself in a reception area or a staff canteen in what is now described as a “male dominated environment/workspace”, seeing a copy of “The Sun” lying on a coffee table, lift the front page of the newspaper to reveal the third page whereupon he would often find himself gazing upon the charms of the then Miss Linda Lusardi.

    Of course the feminists deplored this and will unreservedly condemn the BG for running the above image.

    Do we care?


    The reason for using an old photo of Mrs Kane is due to the continuing situation vis-à-vis the supply of COVID-19 vaccines in-re to the EU and the UK.
    In two previous posts the BG has stressed the seriousness of the situation. Again, we commend the excellent and learned Doctor Richard North (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87869) for applying his effort, expertise, insight, knowledge and time to reporting properly upon this most serious of issues in a manner which sadly, the mainstream media are not and probably – owing to the poor quality of the journalists employed – cannot.
    A principal reason for this is that the mainstream media are under a requirement to generate profits for their shareholders and thus they seek to give what the widest possible audience wants. Which of course was why The Sun saw to it that Mrs Kane frequently graced it’s third page!

    The other reason for featuring Mrs Kane is because earlier this year, Mr and Mrs Kane were both struck down with COVID-19 and were so seriously ill they both had to be hospitalised. Mrs Kane was more seriously affected than her husband but has since managed to make a good recovery, although there are still some issues.

    The BG and needless to say all it’s readers hope that the couple will make a full recovery.

    Returning to the issue itself, there are FOUR factors at the core of the dispute between the EU, the vaccine suppliers and the UK.
    #1: The 27 member states of the EU are all to a greater or lesser extent badly affected by the pandemic with large numbers of their citizens very ill, their public health systems overstretched to breaking point and their mortuaries full and their undertakers overwhelmed. NB: All 27 states are democracies – albeit some have a few flaws when compared with a model democracy such as New Zealand.
    #2: All 27 states plus the UK – which has been more seriously affected than all of them – are in desperate need of all the vaccine shots it is possible to have in the greatest quantity and in the shortest time.
    #3: The vaccine producers have limited production capacity and cannot meet the needs of all their customers at once.
    #4: The UK not only placed their order for the vaccine before the EU; they also placed the order in such a way that the production capacity was contracted to the vaccine’s order as well. Therefore in supplying the needs of the UK and utilising the production capacity allocated to that supply, the supplier is NOT in breach of it’s agreement with the UK – NOR is it in breach of it’s agreement with the EU!

    In terms of the politics of the situation, the legal nicety that is Point #4 above, counts for NOTHING!

    Should the EU take legal action in it’s own so-called court (the EU Court of Justice), which of course is NOT a court but a committee which does NOT dispense justice but dispenses bureaucratic decisions, it is a foregone conclusion that the committee will decide in favour of it’s master!

    Put it this way; the EU Court of Justice is just as much the creature of the EU Commission as the Russian courts are creatures of President Putin. You would not expect a Russian judge to issue a judgement which President Putin would object to Dear Reader – so you should NOT expect the EU’s creature to issue a decision that the EU Commission will object to!

    The above however is mere detail. We have to return to the crux of the issue; there is more demand for the vaccine than the suppliers can supply.

    It is all very well for the World Health Organisation to pontificate about “vaccine nationalism” but only TYRANTS such as the Despot of North Korea could divert supplies of desperately needed lifesaving vaccines from their own populations to distribute it to others.

    This is why both the EU and the UK have found themselves in a position that neither can retreat from: both MUST do ALL they can to try and save the lives of their own citizens.

    Tragically, this is a recipe for conflict.
    Which is why the BG has stated that this situation is very, very serious!

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