• Well and truly up the creek!

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    The BG has – to the not inconsiderable irritation of many of it’s readers has been critical of some aspects of the Brexiteer approach.

    We have been accused of being a “wet blanket” and that we should adopt a more positive attitude!

    Having being in the past a successful salesman, I DO NOT need and will NOT ACCEPT lectures from readers on having a PMA!

    Today’s post features two somewhat old reports on a certain young lady, one Miss Aniko Michnyaova, a lingerie model who in May last year was working as a vegetable picker.

    There are FOUR very well known FACTS about flower/fruit/vegetable picking:

    #1: It is VERY HARD WORK

    #2: It entails working VERY LOING HOURS.

    #3: British workers are rarely employed.

    #4: Most workers are from East and South East Europe!

    There are many British growers and most say the same thing: “If we cannot get the staff, we cannot pick the crops. If we cannot pick the crops we will not plant the crops. We will have to find other uses for the land.”

    Of course, Messrs. Johnson & Sunak HAVE A PLAN!

    What might that plan be you ask.

    Probably this:

    ALLOW many agricultural businesses such as the above mentioned flower/fruit/vegetable growing enterprises to cease trading and to allow the economy to readjust to this situation by allowing the landowners of the now closed businesses to make money by allowing a change of use of the former agricultural land to building land for new houses!

    This of course brings us to another very well known FACT: There is a shortage of housing in the UK!

    Thus Messrs. Johnson & Sunak plan will likely be to allow large scale construction on previously agricultural land for three categories of housing:

    #1: “Affordable homes.”
    #2: Second homes.
    #3: Mansions for the Tory backers and cronies.

    Many former Labour will be somewhat upset at this!

    The BG has a simple reply: “When you voted Tory, what did you expect?”

    This is NOT rocket science!

    A Tory behaves like a Tory! They always do!

    Put it this way: A dog behaves like a dog. It does NOT behave like a cat. True, both are carnivorous mammalian quadrupeds but they are very, very different from each other!

    Herewith two newspaper reports about the enterprising and hardworking Miss Michnyaova.
    GOTO: https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/25/work-underwear-model-becomes-asparagus-picker-lockdown-12754283/
    GOTO: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-lingerie-model-hangs-up-22076483

    • Surely the (part) idea of Brexit was to cut immigration and control it so we should need less houses than planned when we could stop so few immigrants etc coming here.

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