• WARNING! Wolf whistling will soon be a criminal offence!!!!!


    Towards the end of Friday’s post below
    I commented upon gender differences in relation to body image psychology. The post featured the image of the actor Sir Sidney Poitier, KBE. I commented thus: “Although like most men who are not “devilishly handsome”, I am not in fact bothered by this. I look like what I look like and that is that. End of.”
    Now to revisit fantasising about who one would like to be, or more accurately, what talents would one like that another man has and you haven’t, for me, two men come to mind.
    One is the entertainer Roger Whittaker.I’ve always been very very jealous of Mr Whittaker! This because unlike him, I cannot whistle. At all. There is in fact a neurological reason for this: I don’t have all the motor control I should over those relevant parts of my mouth. This also affects my voice – albeit to a minor degree.

    IF an extraterrestrial “little green (grey) man” in a flying saucer abducted me and told me he could resequence my DNA and give me new abilities and invited me to choose which ones, being able to whistle like Roger Whittaker would be top of the list! Second on the list would be to have the DIY and practical abilities of my late father.Dad was absolutely brilliant at DIY! He was able to do all the important DIY tasks. Carpentry and joinery, plumbing, electrical, interior decorating, car repairs (he once stripped down and rebuilt an engine).

    For me, being brilliant at DIY is what masculinity should be about. As a male internet user I – like most other male internet users – will receive from time to time emails suggesting various products to make a certain part of my anatomy larger. To make me “more manly” and more attractive to women. For me, “more manly” means being more like my Dad! Absolutely brilliant at DIY. And the worst thing for me is that I’m not!

    À propos of “what women like”, it is my understanding that they appreciate a man who can “put up shelves” – and by that I mean the activity that requires a drill, rawlplugs and screws!

    If you are in the UK, by the time you are reading this Dear Reader you will have received your 2021 census – where they ask – albeit voluntary – intrusive personal questions about gender identity and sexual orientation. Well, for me I was born male, identify as male but for me part of what the PC brigade would refer to as “male gender identity” – as a born and self identifying male person – is being good at DIY and I’m not.

    Insofar as my neurological difficulty is concerned, my singing voice is let us say “so-so”. On of the abilities I would regretfully not ask the little green/grey man in the flying saucer to give me is the ability to sing like this man.The problem with being able to sing like Samuel Ramey is were I to ask the little green/grey man to do this, the lady who is in charge of the “singing group” (choir) at church would ceaselessly pester me to join it! Which is something I would not want to do!

    Another thing about my neurological difficulty is that I will be UNABLE to commit the soon-to-be criminal offence of “wolf whistling” as I am unable to do this. So this means that this is one criminal offence I will not be convicted of because I physically cannot commit it!
    For those of you who can wolf whistle, you have been warned!
    Of course, those MPs who will vote for this tyrannical statute will still continue to claim that this is a “free country”!
    Don’t you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!

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