• Predicting the future.


    Today is St. Patrick’s Day and unlike my native Leeds – that has a large Irish diaspora – St. Patrick’s flag is noticeable only by it’s complete absence. That’s just one of the many many differences between my native Leeds and where I live now. One of the aspects of where I live now is that we have a large and thriving community of artists living locally – as well as the famous Newlyn. One of the art forms I particularly like is displayed in the example above. Visions from the past of the future – ours! The illustration above is of “robot warehouses” in the 21st Century! Well – we do have “robot warehouses” but sadly, there are no such “Dan Dare” looking machines in Amazon’s many warehouses!

    Insofar as predicting and planning for the future is concerned, Beloved Boris has published a vision which will probably be as much “off target” as the image above!
    When back in February such as the DM (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) were writing about the WHOs investigation into the coronavirus allegations the BG did not blog about it. For the simple reason that the results of the investigation was a foregone conclusion and that I was not going to waste time and energy writing about it!

    HOWEVER – Beloved Boris’s notion of a semi-permanent Royal Navy presence in East Asia has prompted me to comment.
    GOTO: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/
    Now, many commentators will state the obvious: That the RN cannot do the job properly without working with allies. The carriers (QE2 & PoW) do not have adequate AEW and ECM assets and T45 DDGs and T26FFGs, good as they may be, are/will not available in enough numbers to constitute an effective screen.

    From this the commentators conclude that Beloved Boris is talking through an orifice that is below his collar and not above it!

    The BG disagrees.

    This disagreement is based on ONE ASSUMPTION.

    That COVID-19 was produced in a biological weapons laboratory, probably near Wuhan in China.

    At this point lets us peruse some FACTS!

    The worldwide plague caused by COVID-19 has caused a monumental amount of disruption to the economies of most of the world’s nations. It has cost many lives. It has left many people with long term medical conditions many of which are serious.

    In short: It has cost the world’s nations a lot of money!!!!!!!!!

    Now many commentators (especially those who take the Guardian) will wish to dismiss these money concerns as “unworthy” and “unduly materialistic”. But then these people are noted for living in their own snowflake fantasy world.

    Let us face another FACT: It was the allies (spurred on – understandably – by the French) insistence to make Germany pay for the economic effects brought about by World War One that lead to the German economic collapse, rise of Hitler and World War Two.

    Let us face another FACT: COVID-19 has already cost many many times more than World War One ever did!

    There are more FACTS to face: It’s just not the G7 nations who are bothered about this! IF the Chinese developed and deployed – probably by accident – COVID-19 then there will be many many nations demanding reparations.
    Words like “cats” and “pigeons” – along with “chickens” and “roost” – come to mind!

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