• The Rain Check.


    If you are a native English speaker lining within the “Anglosphere” you have an interesting choice of languages presented to you – all or which you can understand! Of course, this is because American English, Australian English, British English, Canadian English and New Zealand English are all basically the same. It’s just that there are some different words or phrases in each. Given the size of it’s economy, it’s population and the geopolitical status the USA’s variant of the tongue is the dominant one.

    Thus it is the case that most British Gazette readers will have watched films/movies and TV shows where the phrase “rain check” has be used and there is no need to explain what a rain check is!

    In the past, the BG has raised the issue of the US $ being the world’s reserve currency. Below there is a most interesting discussion about the situation.
    GOTO: https://fortuneandfreedom.com/topic/the-us-dollar-is-doomed-but-how/

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