• The Washington Naval Treaty 2022?


    Above a line drawing the the cancelled G3 battle-cruiser for the Royal Navy. NB: Click on the image for a full size rendition.
    Below an informative You Tube video by Drachinifel.
    GOTO: https://youtu.be/Hpgr0fDVyhI
    Just under one hundred years ago on Monday 6th February, 1922, the Washington Naval Treaty, also known as the Five-Power Treaty, was signed. Amongst other things, the treaty set tonnage limits of capital ships to prevent a new naval arms race from developing. The British Empire, France, Italy, Japan and the USA were the “High Contracting Parties”.

    What should RAPIDLY be becoming clear to all sensible persons is that the Even Given “cock-up” in the Suez Canal is a CLEAR INDICATION that a new Washington Naval Treaty is BADLY NEEDED!

    This should NOT be a treaty limiting military vessels but civilian vessels. In particular the so called “Ultra Large Container Vessels” such as the Ever Given.

    Once again, the excellent and learned Doctor Richard North is spot on in his comments vis-à-vis this particular cock-up.
    GOTO: https://www.turbulenttimes.co.uk/news/trade/brexit-the-price-of-resilience/
    What should be perfectly clear – even to the dumbest mainstream media journalist – is that ships such as the Ever Given are simply TOO LARGE consistent with the need for SAFE NAVIGATION on the high seas.

    Clearly what is needed is an international treaty that sets limits and imposes requirements on merchant ships so that “cock-ups” like this do not reoccur!

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