• Mum would have been pleased and relieved.


    Yesterday the post-person (this is 2021) pushed two items of mail through my letterbox. Due to the self imposed anti-COVID precautions I have taken, I actually picked up the letters this morning. One was a item of junk mail which went immediately to the bin. The other was not “junk mail” but was a request (NOT a demand) for payment – from HM Revenue & Customs . This was for £198.90 for Voluntary Class 3 National Insurance contributions for the period 10th January 2021 to the 10th April 2021. This was a payment I was happy and eager to make! This because I will now – baring any legislation to the contrary between today and my 66th birthday in the autumn – receive a full state pension later this year!

    Of course, whether one should make voluntary insurance contributions is an individual one based on one’s own circumstances. The source of today’s image are the accountants below who will be able to offer professional advice.
    GOTO: https://makesworth.co.uk/voluntary-national-insurance-contributions-should-you-pay/

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