• Happy 115th Birthday!



    4230 days (or 11 years, 7 months) ago on Trafalgar Day Wednesday, 21st October 2009 I set up the BG blog.

    After I had moved down to Cornwall a fellow EuroRealist (this was before the term “Brexiteer” was invented) suggested that I set up a Facebook page and post links on this page to the blog with the objective of boosting the blogs readership. “It won’t cost anything” I was told.

    So I did.

    I discovered that Facebook asked a lot of personal questions including full name and date of birth. Given the danger of identity theft I decided that I would not enter my real date of birth but a false one.

    Now, it is perfectly obvious that if one goes around giving out false details one can land oneself in difficulty with the police and given the level of political incorrectness of the BG one can bet one’s bottom Euro that the officers at Devon & Cornwall Police will be looking for any possible excuse to shut down such an appalling EuroRealist and Climate Change Denying blog! This because they have deemed me a “real and present danger to the existence of Planet Earth” – Goodness me!!!!!!

    However, I am afraid that Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer has been greatly disappointed, for you see, supplying false personal details to Facebook is not necessarily a criminal offence. It can be if the person supplying the false information is doing so in order to obtain a pecuniary advantage in money or money’s-worth they would otherwise not obtain – benefit fraud being one of the most obvious offences committed this way. However, if the supply of false details is for a lawful purpose – to prevent criminals from obtaining one’s personal details so as to prevent identity theft that can lead to online fraud and theft – then no criminal offence has been committed.

    Preventing identity theft was the reason for me supplying false details to Facebook.

    Of course, presented with the requirement to choose a false date of birth I had to make one up. I decided to use a date of birth of someone well known to me – that of my late father who was born 115 years ago this day.

    Now there is a degree of logic about this choice. Consider the case of a hypothetical fraudster. He has found my Facebook page and decides to use these personal details to defraud his local Tescos for instance. The offender sallies forth to Tescos and commits his fraud but the employees become suspicious and alert one of Chief Constable Sawyer’s officers who apprehends the fellow who gives his name as Peter Henry Rogers and his date of birth as 21st May 1906.

    Now let us suppose this is a young man of 25. Even the most inattentive of Chief Constable Sawyer’s officers should conclude that there was something amiss and would detain the young man for further questioning!

    All of which brings us back to the present day………
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