• This is completely and utterly outrageous! Monstrosities such as this MUST be banned!!!!!!!

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    Today’s title is the reaction I’m guessing more than one out the BG’s local readers will have when they read today’s post.

    You see, I often walk along the coast near a village which has a number of Extinction Rebellion supporters. For those who don’t know about “ER” members let me describe them like this: They are to the Green Party what, “Momentum” is to the Labour Party!

    You see, today’s image is of a very special motor car. A very special motor car indeed!

    For much of my boyhood, Dad used to drive Vauxhalls. He drove Vauxhall Victors. The Vauxhall Cresta however was a motor car I really would have liked him to buy. But it was more than he was willing to spend on a car.

    The Vauxhall Cresta was a four door saloon. No 2 door saloon version was ever produced. Thus the very special custom built special is a unique vehicle!

    And it is being sold in an online auction!

    Unfortunately, my finances don’t permit me to bid for it.

    It has a magnificent spec!


    ・Professional custom conversion and restoration
    ・Modern mechanics and electrics throughout
    ・600 bhp 5.7 litre V8 LS1 uprated engine with a six-speed manual gearbox
    ・Stunning presence and finish
    ・Road tax exempt
    GOTO: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/auctions/1961-pa-cresta-custom-ogL3×8
    Of course, when these local ER members see me on the cliffs, doubtless they will seek to inform me that by publicising this environmental horror story I am endangering the whole planet as the infernal device with have CO2 emissions that are off the charts!

    • Perhaps when you are being ‘corrected’ by the ER members you meet
      on your daily walk and castigated for this outrageous support of such a beautiful vehicle, you could ask them to answer the following;

      How many years of supplying power to the grid does it take to compensate for the CO2 emissions created from, the manufacture, transportation and erection of just ONE wind turbine? And, the disposal of said structure when it can no longer function?
      I believe not much of such a structure is suitable to be recycled, but I have yet to see the answer to this when turbines are constantly being promoted by the ‘greenies’!

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