• Nul point (again): So send in the clowns!


    The annual Eurofest that is the Eurovision Song Contest is well known for being “political”. The idea that ANY possible entry from “Brexit Britain” could score reasonably – let alone win or come near to winning is ludicrous.

    The correct attitude for the UK to take is to make fools of them by sending in an entry – which will need a very skilful set of performers – where the unsuspecting audience is treated to a spectacle that starts off apparently well but very quickly descends into an utter shambles!

    Potential elements of farce could include apparently incompetent male guitarists “accidentally” standing on the gowns causing the female performers (pretty shapely young women) to loose their gowns causing them to continue in their lingerie.

    The set of course could collapse and I suggest the performance could end with performers appearing to be electrocuted and the audience finally “get it” when men (dressed in coveralls) carrying coffins come in to pick up “the bodies” put then in the coffins (without due ceremony) and carry the coffins off stage.

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