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    The other day a brown coloured C5 envelope dropped on my doormat. Normally, I put off picking the post up preferring to leave it 24 hours rather go through the tedious rigmarole of opening it, disposing of the envelope and washing one’s hands. However when an official envelope arrives, I put myself through this tedious rigmarole. Thus it was the other day I received a very pleasant piece of information from the Department of Work and Pensions – telling me when my pension would be paid and the amounts!

    Of course there are downsides to everything! Including the government paying you money for doing no work! You see whilst the government are prepared to pay those of us reaching the age of 66 money for nothing they are not prepared to extend the same largess to those of 26! And for obvious reasons!

    So, younger reader, this is the deal the government will give you: Money for nothing but paid from an age whereby they calculate you won’t be living too long! You see, I was 26 in 1981. Forty years have gone by!

    This of course is one of the FACTS that the local Extinction Rebellion campaigners – I live in a “hot spot” – do like to recognise and from time to time like to remind me of: That I will soon be dead and it is their children and grandchildren they are concerned about and not horrible so called “climate change deniers” such as me!

    So, younger reader, what can this 1981 vintage twenty six year old tell you?

    I can tell you that if you have had “health issues” and are forty years older than twenty six, one tends to think about “The End” more than you did at twenty six! In 1981, the “old age pension” was a long way off in the future. It was something I didn’t really spend much time thinking about!

    I do now!

    This will come as a very great surprise and shock to those local Extinction Rebellion campaigners who delight in excoriating me about my share holding in Royal Dutch Shell!

    You see, they think that “something is afoot”. And I agree with them! Something is and I’m not writing about not just the bony thing on the end of your leg!

    Of course, we differ in our assessment of what that something is!

    The ER campaigners think it is a barely habitable planet Earth due to humanity’s excessive output of the so called “greenhouse gas” CO2!

    The ER campaigners however have made one huge and fundamental error: They have believed that on this topic – CO2 and the so called “global warming” – the politicians and the “powers that be” are being honest with the public!
    Understand this: Politicians and the “powers that be” are NEVER honest with the public! They will tell you what is expedient! If what is expedient bears a positive correlation to the truth, then all to the good. If not, so be it. Expediency takes precedence. Always!

    This is NOT new!

    The Pharaohs of Egypt did this!
    The Ancient Greeks did this!
    The Romans did this!
    The Holy Roman Emperors (the forebears of Ursula von der Leyen) did this!
    Winston Churchill did this!
    Ursula von der Leyen and Boris Johnson ARE doing this! (and so is Sir Keir Starmer!)

    What is so extraordinary about the current state of affairs vis-à-vis the so called “climate change issue” is that most of the world’s sovereign states appear to be singing off the same hymn sheet – more or less so to speak! True, some are more enthusiastic than others.
    GOTO: https://www.conserve-energy-future.com/greenest-countries-earth.php
    What is completely unprecedented – since the time of the Pharaohs – is that not only are the world’s nations singing somewhat from the same hymn sheet; they are singing a libretto that is nonsense and what is more – and it is this FACT that makes the situation unprecedented – a number of the leaders/rulers and members of the powers that be MUST KNOW that the libretto is nonsense!

    Distilling or “drilling down” to the “nitty gritty” (NB: “Nitty-gritty” is on Sky Sports list of banned words and phrases and it’s use is prohibited by the police) we get to the nub of the issue: the reliance on advanced technology.

    One of the most prominent examples of the need for advanced technology is the provision of high capacity lightweight (in terms of power-weight ratio) batteries for electric vehicles.
    Herewith a video about the latest developments:British Gazette comment: What is the source of this technology?

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