• Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know!


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    Today’s title is a famous phrase attributed Lady Caroline Lamb to describe Lord Byron. It has since been used on many occasions.

    It is used on this occasion as it is likely a description certain persons living in West Penwith to describe your Editor following today’s post!
    This post, (https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/17450/denmark-mass-migration) is an illustration as to how the present migration crisis is affecting EU nations.
    The biggest problem presented to the governments of what can be called the “West European Union” (as opposed to the “East European Union”) is political correctness.

    You see the FACT of the matter is this: Notwithstanding the rhetoric of some members of UKIP prior to and post the UK’s 2016 EU referendum the member states of the EU are democracies. This is a FACT. It does not matter how many times some Ukippers say or shout otherwise, shouting the contrary does not change the fact!

    It is because the EU states are democracies that political correctness has become such a crippling problem.

    Brexit of course had absolutely no effect in lifting or mitigating the burden of political correctness for the UK’s political establishment. If anything the UK has a greater problem due to it’s demographics and use of “First Past the Post” which virtually ensures a Conservative or Labour government. Any politicians found guilty of being politically incorrect to more than a minor degree cannot survive.

    Another problem is to be found in some (not all) members of the Labour Party who (correctly) see the continued influx of many so called “asylum seekers” as a political advantage as they (correctly) view these future voters as more likely to vote for them and not the Tories.

    That an effective way of discouraging economic migrants (minors and adults) from arriving in the UK is to put measures in place to see that they do not arrive in the UK!

    This does NOT mean leaving them to drown in the Mediterranean or the English Channel!

    If there is an inflatable boat overloaded with human beings there is a legal and moral duty to rescue them. No ifs. No buts.

    What HAS to be done is to put in place measures that will cause the economic migrants to reconsider making the trip in the first place!

    There is a solution and that solution has a location: the Falkland Islands.

    What has to be done is to erect a large detention camp in the islands – preferably near the airport.

    This of course will provoke fierce opposition from Argentina and the other Latin American countries. Their opposition will however be as nothing to the huge cries of woe from the UK’s and EU politically incorrect. It is also highly likely that President Biden will announce his administration’s opposition to the policy. This will largely due to fierce lobbying by his Vice President.
    The Labour Party front bench will be apoplectic with rage! This however will be as nothing compared to the incandescent fury of the Liberal Democrats and the SNP. There will be enough steam venting from Ms Sturgeon’s ears to supply Drax power station with the ability to generate it’s electricity without the need for burning millions of trees!

    Naturally, the Falkland Islanders will be outraged as well!

    The other problem is President Biden as what at one time was the world’s longest runway at RAF Ascension is controlled by the USAF which grants limited access to the RAF – which means that the POTUS can put a stop to all flights to and from the Falkland Islands from the UK.

    What this would mean is that the UK would have to charter or purchase a merchant ship to use as a transport. Given that most of the migrants would be uncooperative the ship would be more like an ocean going sea worthy prison ship than a commercial passenger liner.

    These are of course the reason why use of the Falkland Islands as a location for a mass detention centre has not been chosen. However, the situation is so persistent and so serious it is now very necessary to take action that will solve the problem.

    The problem will be solved because the migrants are coming to the UK as they want to work and they want to join other members of the BAME community resident here. If the result of their life risking efforts is to take up permanent residence of a cell/room in a detention in the Falkland Islands then they will not come. In addition the organised criminals known as “people smugglers” will have no incentive to assist them in their journey as there is no prospect of the criminals making money from the migrants. This is because the migrants are coerced into handing over a considerable portion of the wages they manage to earn to the criminals.

    Making President Biden angry will have other consequences. Forget the USMC F-35C air wing on HMS Queen Elizabeth! This is not a great problem as the carrier can be used as a helicopter carrier. Furthermore, President Biden is nearly 80 and is likely to be replaced as US President in 2024 by Kamala Harris or Donald Trump.

    IF President Biden is so foolhardy as to take a strong line against the UK sending it’s migrants to humane conditions on the Falklands he will in fact be handing a rod to Mr Trump with which to beat him! The one thing you can say about President Trump is that he is not known for sparing the rod insofar as his political opponents are concerned!

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